Green Globe Viewpoint: Switzerland’s Most Sustainable Cities

Green Globe Viewpoint: Switzerland’s Most Sustainable Cities
December 4, 2019 Bradley Cox

Since sustainable and responsible travelling is more important than ever, people strive to explore destinations that take huge efforts in sustainable development and environmentally friendly offers. Switzerland is not only home to beautiful mountains and forests, lakes and rivers but also to one of the most sustainable cities located in this beautiful country: Zurich.

Recently ranked at 85% by the Global Destination Sustainability Index, Zurich is one of the three most sustainable cities in the world. Also known as one of the world’s most livable cities in Central Europe, Zurich manages to achieve some outstanding sustainable indicators:

  • 82% of electricity comes from renewable energies,
  • 43% of waste is recycled,
  • 74% of hotels are sustainable certified

Zurich’s environmentally friendly transport ensures ease of accessibility and several kinds of bikes are available free of charge all around the city. The majority of Zurich’s hotel landscape and congress venues are close to each other, meaning that 98 per cent of hotels are less than half an hour away from a congress location.

Historically, sustainability has always been important to Green Globe certified Hotel Glärnischhof Zurich. The business hotel is situated in the heart of Zurich taking only ten minutes by train from the central station to the hotel and a five-minute walk to beautiful lake Zurich.

Implemented in 2011, Hotel Glärnischhof’s heat pump was a milestone in their sustainable implementations. The pump system utilizes cold water from lake Zurich in order to heat up their hotel generating yearly savings of 100,000 liters oil. Moreover, most of their products come from local suppliers like bakery “Bertschi” for bread and “Sirocco” for tea and coffee. Meat, cheese and dairy products are regionally sourced from Limmattal, Tösstal and Zürcher Oberland.

Hotel Glärnischhof is the perfect place for all travelers who are trying to make a difference in their travel behavior, and depend on a hotel meeting their promise of sustainability.

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by Christina Althammer, Membership Services