The Green Globe Advantages


Sustainable Management is SiMPLe

Green Globe’s Sustainability Management Planner is SiMPLe. Join our community of hundreds of professionals across the world using SiMPLe to create and operationalize their companies’ sustainability management plan.

SiMPLe is an easy to use on line system based on Green Globe’s internationally recognized Standard for Sustainable Tourism.

Join today and built your company’s sustainable operations from more than 40 globally accepted sustainability criteria across all departments and activities.

  • Start by becoming a Green Globe member – join here
  • Green Globe will set up your SiMPLe account customized to your company
  • Access your sustainability management planner already loaded with over 300 pre-populated activities
  • Assign activities to your team members
  • Share and collaborate with sustainability professionals across the Green Globe network

International Recognition for your Sustainable Tourism Business

Green Globe brought sustainability certification to travel and tourism 20 years ago and today is the most recognized green label for travelled tourism. Let our network of independent auditors verify the green achievements of your business and receive worldwide recognition.

“Spice Island Beach Resort is a leading green business in Grenada and Green Globe brings us international recognition.”
Sir Royston Hopkins

Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Tourism

At Green Globe we know that to truly do good we must all do better. The Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Tourism has been developed over decades of research and development. It is the original Standard that all tourism eco-labels are based on. So if you want to do the very best for the planet, you need to meet the very best Standard there is for sustainable tourism.

Green Globe is your global partner … just next door and ready to help


Green Globe is an international network of sustainability professionals in more than 40 countries. So we have representatives in your corner of the planet, waiting to assist you.

Hi, I’m Mirieille, Green Globe Sales Manager Europe. I train in the US and I’m now based in Germany. Call me today and I can assist your business save energy, money and the planet! ”