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The Future of Thailand's Sustainable Tourism - Anana Ecological Resort Krabi in Thailand

Wolfgang Grimm President of Skål International Thailand and owner of the Anana Ecological Resort in Krabi is passionate about the environment and how we as humans interact with mother nature. He shares his thoughts below as he contemplates the future in a post Covid-19 world and invites dialogue to consider ways achieving a more sustainable future of tourism.

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Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort’s Hi-tech, Hospital-Grade COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba has elevated guest health and safety to an art form. As couples continue to make reservations for the adults-only enclave, they will be assured of experiencing the Caribbean’s healthiest and safest vacation.

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Swiss Holiday Park Reopens Its Doors

Swiss Holiday Park is situated above Lake Lucerne in idyllic Morschach. The Park, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama, combines vacation and leisure in one location. The Park is committed to sustainable best practices carried out at the property. An onsite water bottling plant now provides drinking water for the entire park and has led to the phasing out of branded bottled mineral water. In total, over 88, 800 bottles of branded bottled water have replaced with sustainably produced local water.

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Barceló Huatulco Working Together in the Community

Green Globe has recently recertified Barceló Huatulco with the property receiving a high compliance score of 86%. Eco-friendly suppliers to the hotel are preferred and raising environmental awareness amongst staff members is achieved during day to day operations or through conducting workshops. Sustainability initiatives help staff develop a better understanding of green actions and pave the way for new approaches to be introduced.

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Free Access to Green Globe Academy for Green Globe Members

As part of our efforts to support members during the COVID 19 shut down, we are opening our Green Globe Academy free of charge to all staff and management of Green Globe members. If your business is certified by Green Globe and you would like to take the Sustainability Leadership course at no cost, then simply email your details with confirmation of employment to Now is a good time to refresh your skills or gain a new qualification, so please take advantage of this offer.

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