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Banjaran Hotsprings: First Natural Hot Springs Retreat in Malaysia

As Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs retreat, Banjaran is intent on minimizing environmental impacts and reducing its footprint. Energy consumption is monitored daily and 80% of lighting is LED with plans to reach 100% by the end of the year. Timers control lighting in all public areas and hotel machinery is set at the most efficient power settings.

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Hôtel Martinez: Art Deco Combined with Sustainable Luxury

The Hôtel Martinez reopened earlier this year to much acclaim after undergoing extensive renovations under the direction of architect and designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. Interiors reflect a combination of the original Art Deco style with furnishings in contemporary sky blue and white colours that complement the surrounding Mediterranean hues.

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VIDEO: Eyja Guldsmeden - Carbon Free and Green Globe Certified

Eyja Guldsmeden is the first and only Green Globe certified hotel in Iceland. The hotel has 100% carbon neutral energy thanks to Iceland's geothermal energy gerneration. Eyja also prides itself on local sourcing, including many of its menu items that are grown in greenhouses, which are, once again, powered by geothermal.

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Travellers are Opting for Experiential Tours in 2019

The new age travellers are more dynamic and versatile in terms of their expectations. There are substantial changes in terms of preferences of a traveller in the year 2019. The travellers are looking forward to multigenerational travel, heritage walks, solo travel, culinary tours, home dining experience, dark tourism and responsible tourism to name a few.

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Lokhalle Göttingen stolz auf Green Globe Re-Zertifizierung

Wie man bei einer ehemaligen Industrielocation Nachhaltigkeit umsetzen kann, zeigt die Lokhalle Göttingen. Für ihre kontinuierliche Arbeit wurde die Lokhalle im November von Green Globe re-zertifiziert. Die Auszeichnung macht auch deutlich, dass sich das Veranstaltungsunternehmen mit seiner Nachhaltigkeitsausrichtung auf einem erfolgreichen Weg befindet.

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Le Club Med prédit les grandes tendances voyages qui se profileront en 2019

En fin d’année 2018, les mordus d’aventure pensaient déjà à réserver leur prochain grand voyage en 2019. Pionnier des offres vacances tout compris, le Club Med s’appuie sur son expertise pour prédire quelles seront les tendances les plus en vogue en matière de voyage au cours de la prochaine année.

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