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Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort Recycles over 4k Plastic Bottles a Day

The recycling of 4,000 plastic bottles daily from Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort is one example of the environmental programs at the property that support sustainable practices. Furthermore, energy and water saving initiatives are also in place. Biomass and solar power is incorporated into the energy supply and a system has been implemented that uses thermal heat generated from boilers to supply hot water to the laundry.

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Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam: A First Time For Everything

The Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam, formerly known at The Victoria Hotel, is one of the oldest and most iconic hotels in The Netherlands. The hotel has undergone a multi-million-euro refurbishment unveiled in September. In line with its sustainability management plan, FSC wood was used during renovations and interiors reflect a refreshed and sophisticated feel whilst respecting and retaining the historic architecture.

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Sustainability by design – can we be aesthetic and eco-friendly?

A lot of a hotel’s sustainability challenges are now being addressed at the design stage. Whether that’s designing a water efficient hotel before construction, or re-thinking popular room items to be eco-friendly.

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Mit Kreativität und Motivation Nachhaltigkeitsziele erreichen

In diesem Jahr war für das Hotel Sans Souci laut Theresa Berger, Administration Assistant die größte Herausforderung die Mitarbeiter zu wichtigen Botschaftern im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeit zu machen. Nur wenn jeder Mitarbeiter ressourcenschonend arbeite und dies auch an den Gast kommuniziert, könne ein Nachhaltigkeitskonzept erfolgreich umgesetzt werden.

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Club Michès Playa Esmeralda: un pari risqué mais les nouvelles images rassurent!

Ce n’est pas facile d’être un pionnier, mais le Club Med sait se renouveler, innover et surprendre. Les informations disponibles aujourd’hui laissent penser que le nouveau Village Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda va connaitre un grand succès. Ce projet est très stratégique pour Club Med qui tente depuis quelques années de se repositionner sur le tourisme de luxe.

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