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Platinum Status Awarded to Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva

Green Globe member Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva is the first hotel to achieve Platinum status in Switzerland and only the second property in Europe to be awarded this prestigious title. The hotel is the very first Mövenpick Hotel to receive 10 years of continuous certification by Green Globe, a significant milestone in its overall sustainability performance.

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Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai: Good Will Extends into the Community

Mӧvenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai was first certified by Green Globe last month. The hotel has established best practices that can be further developed in the coming years. Community programs are designed to give back to the community and raise awareness concerning social or environmental issues. One of their festive activities is the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in December. The GEMS Millennium School Choral perform and sing during the ceremony and a bazaar is organised with the Al Noor Training Centre for People with Disabilities to showcase their paintings, bags and any other handmade crafts they have created.

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6 Ways to Travel More Sustainably and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Adventuring

Are you an ardent traveler with a passion for environmentalism? Are you looking to minimize your carbon footprint as you tour the world’s breathtaking landscapes? It may be time to pick up a book on ecotourism. For those unfamiliar, tourism is a trillion-dollar industry that accounts for eight percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is why embracing ecotourism is crucial to environmentally-friendly travel.

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Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, Plasticcycle & MEPA partner to preserve Beruwala Beach

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala together with the Marine Environmental Protection Authority (MEPA) and Plasticcycle - the Social Entrepreneurship project of John Keells Group, partnered under MEPA’s “Beach Caretaker” program on the 27th of November 2020. The partnership committed to protect and preserve the Beruwala Beach adjoining the resort.

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Free Access to Green Globe Academy for Green Globe Members

As part of our efforts to support members during the COVID 19 shut down, we are opening our Green Globe Academy free of charge to all staff and management of Green Globe members. If your business is certified by Green Globe and you would like to take the Sustainability Leadership course at no cost, then simply email your details with confirmation of employment to Now is a good time to refresh your skills or gain a new qualification, so please take advantage of this offer.

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