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Life unplugged: Understating Sustainability in the Indian Ocean Islands with Constance Hotels and Resorts

The Indian ocean nations are rich in underwater reefs and sea life, with picture postcard-perfect beaches, verdant natural forests and diverse flora, the region’s nature is a wealth that needs to be preserved.

Turtle Beach Immersed in Local Bajan Culture

Hilton Salalah Resort: Bringing Dreams To Life

Le Puy du Fou acquiert un 3e train solaire électrique SOIOS SunShuttle

Tutti gli hotel nel Principato sono impegnati nella transizione energetica

The Growth of Sustainable Tourism and How You Can Take Part

Top 5 Tips For Sustainable Business Travel

Hotels can be water stewards with six simple steps

Green Globe Innovations: The A-List

Biovessel Living Composter Worm Farm
The all-in-one system makes use of your food scraps.

Solar Bamboo Wireless Speaker
Featuring energy efficient solar panels, the Solar speaker draws power from the sun to play music on the go.

Hydrao Shower Heads
HYDRAO Shower heads lights up the water spray with different colors depending on the amount of water used.

Tesla Powerwall
On a typical day, Powerwall and solar will meet all of your home's energy needs.

These innovations are suggestions from our network of sustainability practitioners.
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