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Earth Hour 24 March 2018

Don't forget this weekend is Earth Hour. Every year our Green Globe members switch off the lights, the air-con, whatever they can to help save the planet. And you don't have to be a hotel or resort, anyone can do it!

Mövenpick Hotel Qassim Achieves Major Carbon Emission Reduction

Mövenpick Hotel Ankara contributes toward a sustainable future

True Blue Resort Grenada Shines a Light on Climate Change

Axel Guldsmeden: Best Eco Warrior Hotel

Hotel Zoo Berlin Named Great Eco Hotel

Celebra Earth Hour 2018 a Monaco: ecco le proposte goumet per 'salvare il pianeta'

Endgültiges Aus für die 'terratec' Leipzig

Green Globe Innovations: The A-List

We are expanding our innovations column, now listing innovative goods and gadgets to make a more sustainable life style. We have tracked down some of the best from Great Green Gadgets , Inhabitat and 1 Million Women

Wrappini - Eco-friendly food wrap
Long lasting, reusable and compostable, Wrappini is made of 100% natural ingredients - cotton, beeswax and coconut oil..

Lamps To Grow Plants In Windowless Spaces
A completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow undisturbed for years.

Flow Hive 2
Flow Frames are housed within hives constructed of sustainable natural woods including Western red cedar and Hoop Pine, the Flow Hives allow honey to be provided on tap.

Bamboo straws produced in Bali, Indonesia are 100% natural materials and BPA free. Each straw can be used over 123 times and are bio-degradable.

These innovations are suggestions from our network of sustainability practitioners.
To nominate new innovations then email them to

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