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Colony Club by Elegant Hotels, Barbados

Colony Club by Elegant Hotels is a virtual hive of sustainable activities. From producing its own organic fragrances, educating guests on local cuisine and supporting special needs kids in the community, Colony Club works diligently at bringing everyone along on their journey of success in Barbados.


Bucuti Tara Beach Resort offer Health Options

Platinum certified Bucuti Tara Beach Resort, Aruba is helping guests improve their health with a new wellness program. The traditional Happy Hour concept has been re-interpreted as the Healthy Hour with nourishing drinks and snacks. A program of activities including yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, beach-walks and even nutritional counselling and group personal training sessions, round out the resort's push for healthy living. This comprehensive wellness program is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and Ewald Biemans, owner and CEO says, “We are on a mission of continually expanding our healthy lifestyle offerings to provide our guests with the most fulfilling vacation experience possible.”

Retter Seminar Hotel Drives Sustainability

Gold certified Retter Seminar Hotel Restaurant recently won "Best Seminar Hotel Austria” and much of its success comes from its truly sustainable approach to management. To further demonstrate its commitment to green business, six of its management team now drive BMW i3 electric vehicles. These advanced emission-free cars are constructed of strong lightweight material delivering a driving range from 200 kms to 330 kms cars. The energy used to charge the cars is also purchased from 100 % Green electricity providers. Click here to find out about the Retter's green meeting packages.


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