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Guests no longer ask Hotels to be sustainable; they simply expected it!

Guest Column by Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss
Frequently, hoteliers ask me how they can best communicate their achievements as a more sustainable hotel to their guests. No question, every hotel wants to show the efforts they have made to deliver guests a more sustainable hotel experience.

Rockhouse Foundation Transforms Jamaican Children's Lives

Over the past decade The Rockhouse Foundation has invested over US$3 million in projects improving education. Since its inception, the Foundation has completely transformed and modernized five schools. The Foundation's current project is the building of the areas first Special Needs Early Childhood School in the region's capital, Svannah-la- Mar. Through these projects the Rockhouse Foundation directly impacts the lives of thousands of young people and their families.

Jumeirah Vittaveli: Navigating a Sustainable Sea of Change

The Maldives is one the most exotic and fragile tropical destinations on the planet. This nation is a string of atolls sitting on top of an undersea mountain range that rises from the sea floor to just a couple of metres above the waves of the Indian Ocean.

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