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The Bathroom Paradox - Water Saving & Efficiency

Guest Column by Nicolas Dubrocard, Former Wild Asia Project Director, auditor for Travelife and Green Globe, and Director of Audit Diagnostic Solutions Tourism

I started my path on sustainable tourism exactly ten years ago in Morocco where I was supporting small accommodations and hotels to obtain the an international eco label and to save water through Travel Foundation’s programme called Every Drop Counts. From the beginning of this journey I discovered that there was an area where it is easy to implement changes with huge environmental positive impacts: the bathroom.

Belizean Eco-Resort Chaa Creek takes Top Honors at National Geographic's 2017 World Legacy Awards

In accepting a First Place Honors at National Geographic’s 2017 World Legacy Awards, Belize’s The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s owners highlighted the importance of communities in worldwide sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

Red Frog Beach Island Resort Certified for its Sustainability in Panama

The Red Frog Beach Island Resort has been recognized for reforesting a large section of the island that was damaged due to cattle grazing. Ten years ago Isla Bastimentos had suffered a large amount of deforestation caused by cattle grazing. Since that time, environmental controls were put in place that removed the cattle and corrected erosion problems.

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