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Sustainable Management and Operations

Business / Conference Centers / Hotels & Resorts / Attraction / Transportation / Travel Industry / Golf Course

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Green Globe certified members save money while demonstrating effective Corporate social responsibility practices.

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Our members see markedly reduced operational and resource costs after implementing our standard

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Green Globe certification gives our members the edge to show their sustainability to a world that demands greater corporate social responsibility.

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With a constantly evolving standard and access to best practices from around the world, our members are able to work towards constant improvement and savings.

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Through media platforms and connections we ensure our members achievements are recognized and broadcasted out to the world.

Standard Criteria and Indicators

Green Globe’s International Standard for Sustainable Tourism was the first standard developed by and for the travel & tourism over 20 years ago. Today Green Globe’s Standard is recognized as the highest level of sustainability certification by leaders in green travel and responsible & eco tourism.

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Our Members

Green Globe members are located in more that 40 countries of the world. From beachside resorts to urban hotels and congress centers; rainforest eco-lodges to mountain chalets, Green Globe certifies the positive environmental and social activities of all our members. Visit them all at