Advantages of Green Globe Membership

Through researching our members performance, surveys and independent audits, these are the benefits our members are telling us make them want to renew and certify annually.

Sustainability Certification

  • Green Globe certification is the most internationally recognized certificate for sustainable tourism.
  • Auditors are independent and conduct inspections on site to ensure reliability and quality.
  • Green Globe’s globally accepted sustainability criteria underpin all other sustainable tourism certification programs.
  • Convenient online system, Green Globe Solutions, helps organize and save documentation, completed tasks and everything else in one place.
  • Green Globe certification includes all components of sustainability: Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility and Economic Profitability.

Improvement of Business Bottom and Top line

  • Green Globe certification leads to continuous improvement in saving energy and water as well as reduction in waste.
  • Green Globe members report annual energy and water savings down by 10%
  • Implementing Green Globe certification delivers long-term cost reduction.
  • Green Globe reduces management costs with an action plan for “green teams” and sustainability managers.
  • Clients and guests respond positively to environmental and social actions of Green Globe members and are prepared to pay a premium.
  • Green Globe members report increase guest numbers up by 7%
  • Green Globe makes businesses more attractive for high quality employees and improves staff retention and performance.
  • Green Globe members report staff satisfaction up by 7%.
  • Customer requests for green meetings and events increase with Green Globe certification.

Increase Market Visibility

  • Green Globe label and brand recognition is a competitive advantage for our members.
  • Green Globe actively promotes its members as environmentally friendly and socially responsible via international public relations campaigns and social media with more than 1000 news articles featuring Green Globe published annually, with a media reach of 500,000 readers globally per day
  • Advertising Equivalent Value of Green Globe’s media reach is more than $33 million annually.
  • Green Globe’s online audience is 1 million per month