Mövenpick Resort El Quseir: Ecological Management of the Red Sea

Mövenpick Resort El Quseir: Ecological Management of the Red Sea
June 3, 2015 Bradley Cox

The Mövenpick Resort El Quseir is located in El Quadim Bay directly on the Red Sea. This tranquil resort features guest rooms and suites built in traditional Nubian bungalow style with balcony views of the Red Sea and lush garden settings. A private beach offers direct access to an excellent house reef filled with scenic coral and diverse marine life. The solitude of the desert also beckons which guests can explore on foot or by bike or jeep safari.

Green Globe congratulates Mövenpick Resort El Quseir on its re-certification for the fourth year and on achieving a high compliance score of 86% against accredited criteria.

Simone Höch, General Manager at Mövenpick Resort El Quseir said, “The Green Globe re-certification is important to us and reflects our continued commitment to a sustainable environment. We believe creating awareness and implementing best practices is of paramount importance.

“Our various initiatives at the resort range from the protection of natural resources by energy saving and effective waste management to preserving nature and supporting educational programs for young people,” added Ms Höch.

In line with its energy saving strategies, energy efficient lighting has been installed around the property such as the replacement of incandescent 80W light bulbs with efficient 11W compact fluorescent bulbs and the introduction of LED lighting. In addition, the Building Management System (BMS) regulates electricity consumption. One of the main functions of the BMS is to automatically operate the air-conditioning system to perform at the most optimal efficiency level.

Water reduction initiatives include the continual monitoring of water usage, the installation of water flow regulators and dishwashing machines that incorporate water reuse. Also, to reduce waste degradable garbage bags are used for the disposal of local products instead of plastic bags.  And, segregated recycling bins are utilized at the property while liquid effluents are treated and made into soap products.

The pristine, untouched house reef directly located in front of the hotel is one of the most beautiful and diversified spots at the Red Sea. The resort’s onsite dive center is ecologically and sustainably managed and limits the number of divers to 100 per day. Furthermore, a maximum of 25 divers is permitted in the water within the bay at any given time. And, in accordance with corporate and environmental responsibilities, resort staff organize underwater cleanup days on a regular basis.

Mövenpick Resort El Quseir offers career opportunities that generate income for local residents, specifically targeting pathways that empower young people with disabilities. This is achieved by creating jobs that support their integration into the hospitality market. The resort plays an active role in the successful transition from trainee through to positions as full-time employees. One young man, Hisham, trained to become a chef and is now a fully integrated staff member of the resort’s kitchen team.

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