Jumeirah Oasis Village – A Sustainable Lifestyle For Colleagues

Jumeirah Oasis Village – A Sustainable Lifestyle For Colleagues
February 12, 2015 Bradley Cox

The multi-cultural, award winning Jumeirah Oasis Village in Dubai is more than simply staff accommodation. It is an expansive gated community designed as a residential village that includes extensive landscaped gardens.

Jumeirah Oasis Village recently received Green Globe certification in recognition of its commitment to sustainable management. The village is home to over 4000 staff members. It is located on 150,000 square meters of land with facilities such as a supermarket, cafes, colleague restaurants, internet café, a medical clinic, laundries, games rooms, gymnasiums, banking facilities, a library and a training center.

Colette Leeman, Director of Colleague Services at Jumeirah Oasis Village said, “Oasis Village colleagues are very honored and proud to be the first recipient of the Green Globe Certification for colleague accommodation category within the UAE. We recognize and fully support initiatives that minimize the impact of our daily business operations on the environment.”

As part of the village’s efforts to reduce energy consumption, LED Lamps have been installed and plans have been made to expand the usage of motion sensors in all communal areas in the future.

Recycling initiatives are in place with segregated sorting bins located throughout the grounds and offices, and green waste used for composting gardens. Used oil is also recycled by a private contractor, Limra and converted to biofuel.

‘While we had already implemented energy monitoring and LED lights, the Green Globe process has supported us to actively look at ways to engage our team to support further the processes at all levels of operations. We treat our colleagues as customers and making their home a greener place is a strategic approach from the Jumeirah Group to make sustainability a way of life,’ added Colette Leeman.

Landscaped gardens are planted predominantly with native desert vegetation such as date palms and other dry plants. And, as part of its environmental education program, Jumeirah Oasis Village’s Green Team has created a Garden Club for colleagues to share best practices for sustainable gardening and growing organic products. To further protect the environment, the use of non-harmful pesticides is mandatory in all gardens.

Sandrine Le Biavant, Director Consultancy of FARNEK Green Globe’s preferred partner in the Middle East said, “It is the first time that we have audited a staff housing property under the Green Globe standard. The facility was compared under the same standards as a hotel due to its similar configuration.”

Of particular note, Jumeirah Oasis Village regards the wellbeing of residents as a priority. The village routinely conducts health and safety inspections in the tenants’ rooms as well as in common areas. While fire risk assessments are regularly done to ensure the safety of all colleagues. In addition, colleagues also respect and strictly adhere to fire safety regulations.

Security is at a high level on the premises with rules and regulations on public display at the village entrance. An in-house security team also ensures the safety of tenants.

“We take responsibility to try and ease the pressure on our community as much as possible and are committed to maintaining a sustainable colleague accommodation facility, our home away from home,” concluded Colette Leeman.


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