Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort: Where All Speak the Common Language of Environmentalism

Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort: Where All Speak the Common Language of Environmentalism
May 14, 2015 Bradley Cox

Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort is located on the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates. It is the perfect place to indulge in the cool ocean breezes and the warm sunshine with the backdrop of the Hajaar Mountains. The resort is conveniently situated for exploring historical attractions or to just lounge on the beach.

Mr. Ashraf Helmy, General Manager and Area Business Development Manager, at the resort is passionate about environmental sustainability and makes a conscious effort to stress the importance of environmental best practices to colleagues and staff. Mr. Helmy said, “The environment is a big part of our business. We need to radiate knowledge of our environment and take actions in every single part of the hotel which is environment related. It is good that more hotels have become Green Globe Certified because if we all contribute, even participate in a small way then through our connective work we can really accomplish something. We have 33 nationalities at our hotel and the one common language that we all share is the environment.”

Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort was the first five-star resort in the UAE’s Eastern Coast to receive Green Globe Certification on the 25th October 2011 and has continued to develop and implement strategies to achieve the desired outcome of sustainable tourism. Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort uses every effort to reduce their energy and resource consumption hence their environment slogan -‘Miramar Ideally Recycles All Maximum Available Resources’. The current target is to reduce electrical consumption by 2.5% and water consumption by 5% by the end of July 2015. The resort has also implemented a waste management system where all of the left over resources are measured by weight and quantity and a record kept of any items that are recyclable.

Resource conservation plans established over the past four years include the installation of water meters in all of areas of the resort to provide continual monitoring of water usage, faucet aerators installed on all taps to reduce the amount of water used, knee operated hand washing sinks installed in the kitchen, and motion sensor flush systems installed in all of the public men’s restrooms.

To reduce energy consumption, power-saving cards have been installed in all guest rooms, motion sensor lights deployed in all of the guest bathrooms and the corridors by the guest rooms, and compact Florescent Light Bulbs are placed in every shade lamp and balcony light. Furthermore, the resort’s purchasing policy has been redrawn to include guidelines that fully support use of local suppliers, ecological principles which need to be followed and ensuring suppliers are aware of environmental policies that avoid products harmful to the environment and over packaged goods.

To create environmental awareness and encourage participation by staff and guests the resort hosts monthly activities such as a Green-thumb campaign where everyone was encouraged to plant trees and grow fruit and vegetable gardens, cleaning campaigns on the beach and outside the resort, participation in Earth Hour & Earth Day, and the Hand Print pledge campaign where staff were encouraged to commit to participation in environmental sustainability. In addition, the resort provided monthly environmental awareness training for employees.

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) activities have included the collection of clothing donations for Red Crescent, an Arts and Crafts Exhibition and Auction, and support for The Code, an organization that creates awareness and prevention of child sex tourism.

The Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort Team continue to strive towards finding new and innovative ways to inspire both staff and guests alike to find creative and new ways to reduce the property’s impact on the environment. Currently, the resort is focused on creating environmental awareness amongst young guests as it believes that if good environmental practices can be instilled in the children of today then it gives much greater hope for the outcome of the environment in years to come. Iberotel Miramar’s Environmental Committee works together with the resort’s Kids Club to develop initiatives such as tree planting, a children’s garden and other fun and educational activities to help young guests develop an interest in environmental conservation and appreciation.




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