Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa Marsa Alam “Sustainability Is Our Business Model”

Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa Marsa Alam “Sustainability Is Our Business Model”
June 2, 2015 Bradley Cox

The upscale 5-star Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa Marsa Alam is located at Abu Dabur Bay on Moreen Beach in Egypt. The Bay of Abu Dabur, considered one of the best dive sites in the southern Red Sea, offers snorkelers and divers alike the opportunity to explore and enjoy gorgeous coral reef gardens and diverse marine life including colourful fish, dolphins, and sea turtles.

Green Globe congratulates Moreen Beach Resort & Spa Marsa Alam on its first certification and commitment to sustainable best practices.

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa , General Manager at Moreen Beach Resort & Spa said, “We are honoured to receive the accreditation of Green Globe. This recognition is very special to us as we feel that we have been blessed with an abundance of nature and wildlife and that we owe it to the environment to give back. The location where the hotel is based is our greatest asset and we aim to enrich it through our business.  I am proud of everyone involved, as they were able to carry out our mission while upholding the highest standards of sustainability.”

Proximity to untouched nature is a major attraction for the resort with the preservation of the coral reefs a priority. The resort complies with local legislation to ensure its operations do not impact on the local surroundings. It supports the protection of marine life of the Red Sea and has devised an environmental education program “Red Sea Rangers..Protecting Egypt’s Natural Treasures” where disturbance to local wildlife is minimized. The Moreen Beach Resort and Spa encourages guests to respect the fragile underwater environment by refraining from damaging sea beds and raising awareness of aquatic species. Furthermore, the resort restaurants do not serve or sell any food considered as an endangered species.

Energy saving initiatives have been implemented throughout the property. Energy efficient lighting is used in guest rooms, offices, staff rooms and public areas and timer controlled lighting deployed in the main lobby during midnight hours. To further conserve electricity usage, power saving equipment is in place such as heating and air conditioning units, boilers, chillers, washing machines and dryers. In addition, the resort ensures that automatic and efficient temperatures are set for various areas of the property. Digital thermostats control air conditioning units and timers are utilized for energy management based on time, season, area and occupancy.

As part of their water conservation strategy, water saving filters are fitted on taps in guest and staff bathrooms and dual flush toilets are installed in guest rooms. The resort also has a towel and linen reuse program and a filtered water dispenser is available at the spa and fitness centre in place of bottled water. Furthermore, black and grey water is treated and reused for landscape irrigation.

As part of Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa’s waste management initiatives recycling takes place in public areas, back of house offices and kitchens. And food scraps from the kitchens are composted for gardens. An external third party, the HEPCA Company, manages the recycling of old batteries and electrical equipment. While any bedspreads, linen and towels that are no longer used by the hotel are donated to local charities and orphanages or reused as cleaning rags.

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