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Meltwater is a global media insight service, dedicated to monitoring, engagement and analysis.
As one of the largest media intelligence companies in the world, Meltwater is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 20 countries and 41 cities. The company’s truly global/local presence has earned it more than 23,000 clients across 108 countries, providing independent data on media reach and brand awareness.


Green Globe Media Reach and Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE)

Every day Green Globe publishes news and information about its certified members world wide. And in addition, our membership is constantly promoting their certified status in press releases and across online and traditional media channels. These efforts combine to greatly lift our member’s profiles and at the same time build and reinforce Green Globe’s international brand awareness. The data below demonstrates how Green Globe communications successfully reached vast audiences across numerous countries and delivers huge advertising value to its membership.

3816 articles

Total number of articles world wide


Advertising value equivalent world wide


Annual accumulated potential audience reach

Number of articles in top locations


2,221 articles


240 articles


164 articles


2,221 articles


105 articles


54 articles


54 articles


54 articles

Results are for the period March 2017 to March 2018.
Annual accumulated potential audience reach is calculated via multiple news and media appearances per day across a variety of media outlets.
Articles, refers to both media appearances generated from Green Globe communications as well as members’ PR and other articles highlighting Green Globe.