Xanadu Island Resort: An Inspiring Green Journey

Xanadu Island Resort: An Inspiring Green Journey
November 1, 2017 Bradley Cox

Eco-friendly Xanadu Island Resort lies nestled in natural vegetation, on the beach overlooking the second largest barrier reef in the world and the Caribbean Sea. Located a mile south of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize, Xanadu is close enough to enjoy the activities of the town yet far enough away to be peaceful and quiet.

Green Globe recently recertified Xanadu Island Resort. Xanadu Resort was the first Green Globe Certified Resort in Belize. The award winning green resort continues to receive accolades for its eco-tourism efforts and desire to provide an authentic sustainable tourism experience.

Xanadu Island Resort is renown for its beautiful, natural grounds, unique buildings and service excellence. The monolithic dome buildings are structurally robust withstanding damage inflicted by hurricanes and other severe weather. While thatched roofs provide natural shade and cool insulation in buildings in the tropical heat.

Sustainable measures include the use of solar power to heat water, and the property has an outstanding rainwater catchment, storage (23,000 gallons) and reuse program. The water is treated through an RSO system and used in guest rooms, facility management operations and in several fountains within the resort grounds. In gardens, compost is utilized to feed plants rather than chemical fertilizers.

The preservation of natural ecosystems is a key priority. Half the property has been kept in its original pristine state and a nature walkway winds up into the rainforest canopies for all guests, adults and children alike, to observe visiting birds, lizards, and other wildlife. Out at sea, a wall was erected to protect the coastline from erosion and marine life now inhabit rocks that were placed against the wall to reinforce it from tidal damage.

Xanadu Island Resort adheres to a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan and an Environmental Management Plan. Both documents are available on the property’s Eco-Friendly page and form part of the resort’s communication strategy to educate guests, staff, suppliers and the wider community about the importance of best practices in Belize and how everyone can contribute to a better global situation.

View Green Globe’s video with owners, Ivan and Judy Sheinbaum – a first hand account about the history of the resort and their sustainability journey.


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