Xanadu Island Resort: a Touch of Luxury in Harmony with Nature

Xanadu Island Resort: a Touch of Luxury in Harmony with Nature
January 10, 2017 Bradley Cox

A unique, boutique, tranquil and romantic resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Xanadu is excited to be re-certified as a Green Globe member. Over the last year, Xanadu has had a major focus on water management to ensure a steady supply for the resort’s needs as well as beautifying their natural garden setting.

An extensive drainage system project as well as rainwater catchment from roofs has been completed. The rainwater that is caught from the roofs is also directed into this catchment system and taken to the storage tanks for use in the gardens and water features.

Xanadu uses the collected rain water to feed its 20ft man-made waterfall and connecting ponds as well as other water features. The water is circulated through a filtering system and there is a constant flow. The waterfall provides water for the little creatures and birds that live on the property as well as being a truly aesthetically pleasing feature of the resort.

In order to prevent soil erosion large underground pipes are fed by cement lined catchment drains which have been placed in the lowest lying areas of the property and in places where the rainwater runs downhill. This maze of pipes then leads the water to massive storage tanks with a holding capacity of 25000 gallons at the back of the property.

The resort’s composting has increased and allows guests to take part in the green process as organic material is collected from the suites in special containers provided for their use. Leaves, seagrass and vegetable matter from the fruit stalls on the island is also collected and put through a chipper before adding to the composting pile.

Xanadu also has a small nursery on site to care for plants used around the property. Most plants are indigenous to the area, and colourful species that are common to Ambergris Caye, and can withstand the windy and salty conditions of the coastline, are also used.

Ambergris Caye, although protected by the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, suffers badly when there is heavy weather – erosion of the beach is often severe. As a result most hotels and resorts on the island have been forced to put up sea walls to prevent losing their entire beach area. Xanadu’s beach has been extended by 60ft this year and this has provided a lovely large beach area and a protective wall against strong seas. The rocks that have been placed against the wall to protect it from the waves are now inhabited by many tiny fish and plant material.

It is fortunate for Xanadu that the seawall was completed before Hurricane Earl struck in August last year. The waves were breaking 3ft over the wall but because of the distance the water had to travel, the buildings and pool were protected from the damaging rush of the waters. Unfortunately, Xanadu, like most of the rest of the eastern seaboard of the island, lost the boat dock due to the heavy seas. But this provided them  with the opportunity of replacing it with a bigger, better and more robust dock facility.

There has also been an increase in the number and variety of birds at Xanadu over the past year and guests and staff have taken some amazing photos while enjoying watching and listening to them. The nature walk was rebuilt last year and guests and visitors can enjoy the short walk up into the tree tops and down again, exiting the trail through a gap in the Banyan tree trunk.

Xanadu is committed to respecting nature and, by retaining their indigenous green vegetation and trees, allows birds and iguanas and other little creatures to have a haven on the property. The resort strives to keep the property as eco-friendly and sustainable as they can and make sure staff and guests are aware of the good reasons for doing so.


Cathy Alchin
Manager Xanadu Island Resort
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