World Tourism Day: Green Globe Leads Industry on Sustainable Pathway

World Tourism Day: Green Globe Leads Industry on Sustainable Pathway
September 27, 2017 Bradley Cox
 Green Globe is the only sustainable tourism certification program that is an Affiliated Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation(UNWTO) and takes great pride in celebrating World Tourism Day in this the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. According to the UNWTO, tourism is today the 3rd largest export industry in the world after chemicals and fuels. Last year alone, 1235 million travellers crossed international borders in one single year. By 2030, this 1.2 billion will become 1.8 billion.
Green Globe embodies the sustainable direction of tourism development with membership across more than 80 countries in all geographic regions of the planet. Our role over the last 20 years has been to provide an internationally accepted standard of best practice, that means any organisation, from businesses to governments and not-for-profits can engage a robust set of actions that lead to sustainable development and continuous improvement.

Our goal at Green Globe is to support a peaceful prosperity for people willing to open their homes, businesses and communities to travellers from all corners of the planet.

To join Green Globe’s international membership, contact:

Guido Bauer, CEO
Green Globe
5230 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 102
Los Angeles, California 90045
Phone: 310-337-3000