Villa Magna Awarded First Green Globe Certification

Villa Magna Awarded First Green Globe Certification
June 12, 2019 Bradley Cox

The Villa Magna is the ideal place to stay in the heart of Spain’s majestic capital. Located within Madrid’s best shopping district, near the renowned Prado Museum, the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum and next to trendy restaurants and vibrant night life.

Green Globe awarded the Villa Magna its inaugural certification in May.

Charles L. Morris, General Manager at the hotel said, “Villa Magna has embarked on a new era of engaging in a green and eco friendly philosophy and practices across all departments of our emblematic hotel. I am very proud to be part of a company with a true vision of sustainability and this Certificate means so much to all of us as recognition of all our efforts.”

General Manager Charles L. Morris

Effective resource management is a key consideration in the hotel’s sustainability management plan. Two major initiatives, namely the installation of a cardboard compactor and the transition to the use of glass water bottles, have had and will continue to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. The cardboard compactor reduces the amount of cardboard waste, which is now collected only three times per week as opposed to every day. Carbon emissions are also lowered due to fewer collection days. In addition, all cardboard and paper trash generated by the hotel will now be recycled in line with waste management strategies.

In July, to minimize the consumption of single use plastic, Villa Magna will change to glass bottled water and phase out the use of disposable plastic bottled water. The hotel has partnered with the Nordaq Fresh company and will rent a water filtration and bottling unit enabling the hotel to reduce its use of plastic bottles by 20,000 per year. These green measures will significantly decrease waste volume and cut emissions further with fewer trips required to physically remove garbage from the property.

The Green Team at Villa Magna is comprised of managers representing fifteen individual departments.
“The entire hotel has become aware of what we can achieve when we set our minds to it. At the beginning, our Green Globe Leader found it difficult to action our green goals. However, once the Management Team joined the sustainability efforts, everything became much easier as we started working together.

“The Team, with other staff members, has created an understanding of the importance of managing waste, to improve green practices and to be more environmentally focused and friendly as a hotel, which in turn will transfer to our own homes and our community. The impact of various projects has seen a paradigm shift in the mindset of all involved to date and everyone else in the team as we extend our programme of sustainability,” added Mr Morris.

Community projects undertaken by the Villa Magna have brought lasting benefits to local residents especially young children. Over the Christmas period 2018, two managers of the Green Team launched a programme to collect gifts for orphans and families with limited resources. Working in collaboration with a local non-profit organization and local artists to add interest and fun, the hotel was transformed into a collection point for toys for the children.

“The success of this programme was overwhelming, especially as it was never anticipated that so many members of the entire hotel team were willing to donate their kids’ toys to the less fortunate. It was also a great PR exercise as it showed how a luxury property can make an impact in the local community,” concluded Mr Morris.

Villa Magna plans to build lasting relationships in the wider community through developing other new social initiatives. The hotel is also in the process of installing electric charging stations in the hotel garage as an ecofriendly transportation option.


Charles L. Morris
General Manager
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