Van der Valk Nijmegen-Lent Highlights Sustainability Initiatives

Van der Valk Nijmegen-Lent Highlights Sustainability Initiatives
October 10, 2018 Bradley Cox

The Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent is located in the north of the up-and-coming city of Nijmegen with many recreational activities to choose from.

Green Globe recently recertified the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent in The Netherlands.

The Van der Valk Family who own and manage over 100 hotels envisage their sustainable goals as follows.

“We believe that hospitality goes together perfectly with eco-friendly operational management. This is why we invest in provisions that make our hotel, restaurant and boardrooms better and greener.”

Hotel Nijmegen-Lent has implemented various ecological and technological measures that are outlined on the hotel website. These initiatives are featured each week on their facebook page entitled Sustainability on Thursday.

To support biodiversity, insect hotels attract spiders, ladybirds, earwigs and bees to the rooftop garden where they can safely dwell and multiply during the passing seasons. Nesting boxes for Swifts and maternity boxes for common Pipistrelles are also fitted within buildings that conform to BREEAM standards.

State of the art innovations such as Kitchen Air Technology (KAT) and heat pumps have been installed to minimize energy consumption. In addition, a BMS controls room temperatures and all equipment is new and energy efficient.

Guests are encouraged to use green travel options. The hotel is close to the Nijmegen-Lent train station and easily accessible by car. Eight charging points for e-cars as well as bike rental and storage facilities are available for the convenience of guests.

To minimize environmental impacts, local vegetation that does not need watering has been chosen for green areas. Also, native wildflowers and flowering herbs are grown to attract honeybees into one part of the garden.

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