Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk: Working Together During Corona Period

Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk: Working Together During Corona Period
July 15, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified the Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk.

Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk is located in the middle of the ‘Randstad’ between Rotterdam and Gouda. It is located in a peaceful and green environment, perfectly suitable for a moment of relaxation, a proper business meeting, or a dinner in the cheerful restaurant. The hotel is one of over 100 properties owned and managed by the Van der Valk family. For over 150 years a sense of sustainability has been an important element of the Van der Valk family’s hotels and restaurants that continue to be built based on the idea that the next generation will take over the management of each property.

Best practices have included supporting not only its own team of employees during the current challenging period but also assisting those in the community in need of accommodation, supporting local charitable endeavours and producing its own unique honey.

Corona Period Initiatives

During the Corona period, the Hospice in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel has been temporarily located in Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk. The Hospice provides palliative care for terminally ill clients and support for their families, friends and carers. Part of the hotel has been specially allocated where staff and clients can work peacefully together, undisturbed and separate from regular guests and staff.

Peter van den Hul, Director at the hotel said, “We have also managed during the Corona period to retain employment of all our staff members. Although the bar and restaurant were closed for more than two months, everybody helped to clean and undertake repairs of the hotel premises. The main reason in doing this was to keep a sense of togetherness humming amongst all the team. And we’ve managed pretty well. Everybody is very excited now that the restaurant and bar are open again.”

Community Involvement

The hotel is a member of the Vereniging het Verschil association. VHV has a valuable aim to make sustainable contributions to the local community. Every two years, Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk organises a fundraiser in support of a charitable organisation. Initiatives have included various promotions and events such as a poker tournament, car rally or running a marathon.

The property also supports the LeontienHuis. The LeontienHuis is a walk-in house for people with eating disorders and their loved ones. The LeontienHuis aims to motivate, coach and guide people with eating disorders and assists with the fight against overcoming this condition. Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk provides a venue for the organisation to hold a benefit night to raise money for the LeontienHuis.

Golden Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk Honey

This year the hotel produced its first honey! In order to support biodiversity, a bee-hotel was installed on the rooftop garden where fresh flowers are cultivated for use in special dishes served in the restaurant. The bee-hotel attracts over 20.000 bees each year. Vegetables and herbs are also grown on the roof of the property.


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