Green Business for UCLA Anderson MBAs

Green Business for UCLA Anderson MBAs
May 17, 2017 Bradley Cox

As part of Green Globe’s educational efforts, CEO Guido Bauer was pleased to accept UCLA Anderson School of Management’s invitation to present a guest lecture to their MBA students. Titled, “Business of Sustainability”, CEO Bauer’s presentation was aimed at illuminating the professional and commercial opportunities that are embedded in sustainable operations and management for enterprises.

UCLA Anderson’s MBA students come from a variety of academic backgrounds with a keen interest in how the “green economy” is empowering businesses and underpinning management strategies. Key questions during the presentation centred on how Green Globe defines the “green value proposition” for its membership of hotels and resorts. This discussion further expanded into how a sustainable management approach – based on the cohesion of environment, social and economic objectives – can be taken to other industries including biotech.

CEO Bauer also broadened the focus into areas of communications, pointing to the nexus between consumers’ desires to make responsible purchase decisions and business and governments’ pledges to take care of communities and the environment while also pursuing economic development.

CEO Bauer said, “It is inspiring to meet with such an erudite group of young people, who are unrestrained from the more recent political moves to wind back the advances sustainability has made in our economy. Clearly this cohort of MBAs know there is a direct and important link between the responsibilities of business and government and the commitment of employees, consumers and citizens to preserve their communities and at the same time prosper.”

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