Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. Starts New Organic Garden

Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. Starts New Organic Garden
June 19, 2019 Bradley Cox

Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. is located in a stately building on the elegant Wycker Brustraat in Maastrict and has been since 1912. The stylish rooms and public areas are modern while at the same time maintaining the building’s character and respecting its history.

Green Globe recertified Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. in April.

New sustainability initiatives were launched during the past year including the recent establishment of a 2500 m2 organic vegetable garden in the Jeker Dal, a province in Limburg. Working in collaboration with a local farmer, the property aims to grow all of its own vegetables and herbs. The hotel believes that it is important for employees to know where products are sourced from and it is anticipated that staff members will become more involved with the farm to table concept through this project.

In 2018, six Tesla e-car charging points were introduced at the property in efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, in February this year a double glass door featuring a heat pump system was installed at the entrance of the property that will improve insulation and reduce overall running costs.

Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. provides training in sustainability for all new and current employees. A detailed power point presentation is given during the induction period for new staff members while 130 employees receive on the job training in green philosophy and practices. The hotel is excitedly looking forward to the near future when an opportunity to share Green Globe sustainability topics via a new app will be trialled.

Employees of thirty-two different nationalities work at Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. As part of its communication strategy to help non-Dutch speaking staff members feel at ease in The Netherlands, hotel management has adopted the policy for all communications to be conducted in English. This progressive move promotes better understanding between different cultures and also enhances working relationships at this dynamic hotel.