Turtle Beach Resort Barbados: Offers Bajan Sustainability

Turtle Beach Resort Barbados: Offers Bajan Sustainability
March 6, 2019 Bradley Cox

Turtle Beach Resort by Elegant Hotels is a vibrant all-inclusive, all-suite resort situated on the scenic south coast of Barbados with exciting surf, turquoise water and white sand where sea turtles return each year to nest. Contemporary and tropical guest rooms open onto a patio or balcony overlooking the ocean or lush gardens and pool.

Green Globe recertified Turtle Beach Resort in February with the resort achieving a magnificent compliance score of 96%.

The resort adheres to a comprehensive sustainability management plan encompassing the protection and preservation of the surrounding environment and the support of community initiatives.

A 1,500 foot long powdery white sand beach stretches out in front of the property where guests and families can enjoy complimentary eco-friendly activities including kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, paddle boarding and boogie boarding.

More sea turtles live on Barbados than any other Caribbean Island. Each year, visitors have the privileged opportunity to observe sea turtles nesting on the beach or witness the eruptive burst of new hatchlings emerging from the sand and scurrying to the safety of the waves.

Turtle Beach participates in a number of social initiatives to support regional development in Barbados. The resort promotes Bajan culture by hosting performances by local entertainers and showcasing unique, beautifully made local handicrafts at its regular crafts market. In addition, experiential tours delivered by local guides have been organized for guests to explore nearby natural locations and places of interest. For food lovers, the resort has created a variety of tasty Bajan dishes and refreshing drinks with a dash of Bajan influence are served throughout the day.

For further information please visit www.eleganthotels.com or view the Green Globe video.