Tryall Club teams up with Montego Bay Marine Park to plant Mangroves on World Wetlands Day

Tryall Club teams up with Montego Bay Marine Park to plant Mangroves on World Wetlands Day
February 7, 2014 Arton Kabashi

In commemoration of World Wetlands Day, volunteers from The Tryall Club joined the Montego Bay Marine Park at Almond Tree Beach to plant red mangroves and clear litter from estuaries where the Montego River meets the South Gully.

The volunteers from The Tryall Club were joined by over 50 volunteers who planted mangrove saplings along the banks of the Montego River. In 18 months when the saplings mature, the group plans to return to remove plastic protective sheaths and check how many 104 planted saplings survived.

Just to be thorough the group collected 400 pounds of garbage and did some recycling separation.

This mangrove replanting exercise was the first in a wave of small local coastal restoration projects that the Montego Bay Marine Park will undertake for 2014 with the support of local organizations like Tryall Club.

Conservation and Environment Manager, Shaku Ramcharan stated, “Tryall’s relationship with Montego Bay Marine Park is part of our mandate to support small local programs like this that protect the environment. We want to contribute to clean oceans and clean beaches; to be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis. And it’s just great to be out there with the community working for a better world for future generations.”

Both Environmentalist and the Managing Director Gerald Giarla were so impressed with the initiative that they have decided to plant saplings along the Flint River and some of the major drains on the property in March on World Water Day.

The Tryall Club is one of the most exclusive villa resorts in the world; attracting discerning luxury travelers. Tryall Club features world class golf on an 18-hole championship course, stunning views and an elegant ambiance. The Tryall Club is a green organization which is dedicated to maintaining sustainable practices and protecting the environment and has held Green Globe certification four years running.

Image: Xavier Shim of Montego Bay Marine Park and Shaku Ramcharan from The Tryall Club planting Red Mangroves on Montego Bay River, Jamaica

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