The Tryall Club Promotes Jamaican Sports, Education & Forests

The Tryall Club Promotes Jamaican Sports, Education & Forests
February 5, 2019 Arton Kabashi

The informal and luxurious The Tryall Club, once an historic sugar plantation, sprawls across 2,200 acres of bewitching natural beauty where rolling hills and valleys tumble down to one and a half miles of private shoreline.

Green Globe recently recertified The Tryall Club. First founded in 1747, the resort has firmly established itself as an eco-haven with ongoing commitments to sustainability. Heritage tours and preservation remain at the heart of the property’s conservation efforts and the Club runs comprehensive ecological and environmental programs for guests and the community at large. For Earth Day last year, resort members participated in tree planting of iconic golden poui trees at the local Environmental Club of Sandy Bay Primary School. The Green Team along with Environmental Club members planted trees around playgrounds and along the aquifer access road on the property that features gardens that are fed via an aquaduct.

The tree planting highlighted the third anniversary of the Tryall Forest Reserve, which received support from the National Land Agency in 2018. Working with the Department of Forests in Tryall ensures that more of Jamaica’s natural forests are protected for the current and future generations of children of Jamaica.

Giving back to the community resonates through the success of The Tryall Fund, a charity arm that provides assistance to neighborhood school programs, healthcare for children, education and sports. In 2018, the Tryall Fund awarded J$18million in scholarships to some 128 students from primary school, college and university levels. These scholarships provide students with the opportunity to gain an education that will lead to a brighter future.

Last November, the Tryall Fund also partnered with Hanover Charities and other local groups to fund the construction of a J$80m sport’s complex – the Hopewell Sports, Homework and Community Center. The two-storey multipurpose facility features solar powered panels, a computer center and a Lennox Lewis Champions boxing ring and gym. The Center showcases all the sustainability values that Tryall and its partners promote in the growth and development of Jamaica. It will provide all necessary sporting amenities for the entire eastern Hanover belt that will benefit approximately 20,000 to 30,000 people.


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Environment and Conservation Manager
The Tryall Club
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Montego Bay
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