The Tryall Club: Gold Member Achieves New Level In Sustainability

The Tryall Club: Gold Member Achieves New Level In Sustainability
March 25, 2016 Bradley Cox

The Tryall Club is situated on 2,200 acres of lush, green rolling hills and valleys with its own private beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Luxury villas dot the landscape and shoreline offering privacy combined with natural beauty.

As a Green Globe Gold Member, this year marks the fifth year of continuous certification for The Tryall Club. Sustainable practices carried out throughout the resort have resulted in an outstanding compliance score of 89%.

Shaku Ramcharan, Environment and Conservation Manager at The Tryall Club said, “It is only by working as a team, with innovative people planning for the future, that we have found our success with the Green Globe program.”

The resort is committed to meeting the objectives of responsible tourism and has implemented a number of environmental and social initiatives.

The Green Team is involved in a comprehensive conservation program to achieve reduction targets for 2016. This will involve an intensive review of more than 89 villas and an operational area covering diverse landscapes. The team meets each morning to discuss issues relating to its operations including water and waste management, electricity usage patterns and environmental concerns.

The Dappa Project was originally implemented to beautify The Tryall Club grounds and improve the resort’s infrastructure. The project has staff from every level involved in auditing the property and reporting environmental and infrastructural maintenance on a monthly basis. The Dappa Project is a decisive management tool documenting improvements and guaranteeing preventative maintenance.

Community support programs including the resort’s Tryall Fund, founded by The Tryall Club in the 1960s, are a crucial part of local community welfare and education. The annual Taste of Tryall is a culinary celebration which allows guests and members from around the world to contribute to welfare and scholarship programs. This successful event has now been running for over forty years.

This year, The Tryall Fund projects have been focused on fundraising in the community. Recently working with Roundhill, the Tryall Fund held a soccer match with the resort’s Managing Director Aram Zerunian as the goalkeeper that helped raise moneys for the refurbishing of the Orchard Sports complex. In addition, The Tryall Sports Club (Tryall’s staff CSR arm) continues its annual charity drives to support local families. In 2015, The Sports Club donated almost a quarter of a million Jamaican dollars to assist schools, post offices, a local graves fund and social initiatives which build Tryall’s community presence in Hanover.

“Sustainability for Tryall has really been about making our tourism product efficient, consistent and above all else rewarding for everyone,” concluded Shaku Ramcharan.

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Shaku Ramcharan
Environment & Conservations Manager
The Tryall Club
Sandy Bay, Hanover
Montego Bay
phone +876 956 5660