The Samaya Ubud Bali – Universal Concept Underlies Sustainable Practices

The Samaya Ubud Bali – Universal Concept Underlies Sustainable Practices
February 11, 2016 Bradley Cox

The Samaya Ubud Bali is set in a tropical paradise alongside the Ayung River in Indonesia. Guests can relax in spacious villas and enjoy the gentle attributes of Balinese hospitality here. While the acclaimed Swept-away restaurant attracts many patrons with its modern and eclectic dishes imbued with authentic flavors created from locally sourced produce.

Green Globe is the premier worldwide certification program developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe Certification Standard provides hotel and resort organizations with a framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their environmental sustainability performance, through which they can monitor improvements and achieve certification.

The Samaya Ubud Bali recently received Green Globe re-certification for the third time.

Ray Clark, General Manager at the resort said, “We are very pleased to have successfully passed our Green Globe re-certification for the third successive year. We are delighted to again receive this prestigious easily recognizable certification that reinforces our commitment to Tourism sustainability within The Bali Hotel community.”

Wayan Suambara, Hotel Manager at The Samaya Ubud added, “To successfully pass our Green Globe re-certification for the third year is a great achievement for us. We at The Samaya Ubud will continue to research the current trends of Eco-Green sustainable products, resources, equipment and methodologies to keep abreast of new trends and resources that are available.”

The Green Team headed by Wayan Sudiasa (Chief Engineer at the resort) strives to improve the property’s sustainable operations by utilizing best practice methods. The resort’s Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) has continued to expand over the past three years and assists in maintaining a progressive approach toward sustainability. This is reflected in the outstanding compliance score of 95% that The Samaya Ubud received from Green Globe in its last audit.

Water conservation is a key area of development. Two years ago, a water installation was built to collect water from spring water sources that are spread out within the resort grounds near the river. The property shares the water with local community members who visit the resort on a regular basis to access the freshwater spring.

Energy saving measures at the resort include the gradual changeover to LED bulbs and installation of motion sensor lighting throughout the property. While recycling programs are in place to reduce waste volume and suppliers are urged to minimize their use of plastic packaging.

trees planting smallThe Green Team is actively committed to improving sustainable efforts. The team regularly communicates with guests to encourage them to take part in eco-friendly activities. The resort participates annually in Earth Day celebrations and invites guests to join tree-planting events. In addition, last year Green Team members encouraged fellow staff to create anti-smoking slogans on World No Tobacco day. The winner that demonstrates the most commitment to quit smoking then becomes the official No Tobacco Ambassador. The aim of the project is to promote better health in the community as it is estimated over 200,000 deaths occur each year in Indonesia from smoking related illnesses.

The Samaya Ubud supports cultural activities by participating in International Disability Day. Resort management support local artists with disabilities by hosting a special lunch for them and their families, help renovate the artists’ warung (stalls) and provide food donations. The resort also works together with “Taman Permata Hati”, an orphanage, by providing an open space where the children can display their creativity and skills during hotel events.

Social and environmental initiatives are priorities at The Samaya Ubud. The purchase of local products is preferred while local goods are available for sale at the spa. Furthermore, the resort aims to increase its use of Fair Trade products in the future. During the year, regular cleaning blitzes are organized by the Green Team that works together with the local community UHA (Ubud Hotel Association) in maintaining clean conditions in the Ubud area. Finally, to raise awareness of broader community issues, The Samaya Ubud invites outside professionals to educate staff about the prevention of child abuse and HIV AIDS.

“We are committed to keeping our Balinese way of life, “TRI HITA KARANA”, as a universal concept in the running of our green hotel business. This concept ties together the relationship of a person with God, the surroundings and humanity. It is a universal strategy that preserves the overall balance and harmony of life on Mother Earth. Applying this concept means always being grateful to be alive, becoming environmentally friendly, and maintaining sustainability and all lives together in harmony,” concluded Mr Suambara.


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