The Music and Congress Hall Lübeck is Awarded Again with Green Globe Seal Of Quality

The Music and Congress Hall Lübeck is Awarded Again with Green Globe Seal Of Quality
March 3, 2021 Bradley Cox

The Music and Congress Hall Lübeck (MUK) successfully completed Green Globe re-certification in 2020. Being awarded this international seal of approval of the travel and tourism industry is a confirmation of the sustainability practices first implemented by the event hall in 2009, which is an integral part of the company’s management.

In 2020, the conversion to LED light sources was completed throughout the property. Lighting is regulated via an intelligent control system which is another milestone in reducing energy consumption. In the area of stage lighting, a changeover to LED moving lights was made achieving an energy savings of 50%. Here the Congress Hall takes on a pioneering role. In the past 12 years, extensive energy savings have been achieved in the area of electricity and district heating with a total of 10,000 tons of CO2 saved. Heat consumption was reduced from over 2 million KW/h to 1.2 million KW/h and power consumption reduced from almost 2 million KW/h to 950 thousand KW/h. These are significant economic successes resulting in a savings of over € 2 million.

“Responsible and sustainable action pays off and is an investment in the future,” says Ilona Jarabek, Managing Director of the MUK. “We take ecological, economic and social responsibility for a better future. This is only possible with the united efforts of the entire team in cooperation with our business partners.”

A major step forward for quality in the workplace was achieved with the redesign of the office space. The establishment of the Open Space went hand in hand with the restructuring and optimization of work processes towards agile, flexible work structures. Office space is now equipped with intelligent air conditioning and lighting technology. Extensive investments were made in the ergonomic equipment at workstations, and climate-neutral, sustainable materials were preferred. The team is experiencing the benefits of open work structures and the expansion of health management programs has been successfully continued.

For MUK, continuous further development in sustainability management has been an elementary pillar in corporate management for many years and a matter of course that is geared towards the long term. The pillars of sustainability management at MUK include the energy concept with the principle of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, responsible resource management and a sustainable mobility strategy. In the course of further digitization, work is being carried out on the timely implementation of digital files for administrative areas. Social and cultural commitments are additional pillars of sustainable action. Social initiatives are planned with the provision of internship and apprenticeship positions, support of student projects such as Plant for the Planet and MUNOL, working in cooperation with the Lübeck cultural board, and the expansion of the MUK Neue Horizonte series. The MUK is a lighthouse project for sustainability in Schleswig-Holstein and one of the leading event centers in Germany.

Photo: The MUK environmental team (from left to right): Ilona Jarabek, Marc Bäumer, Gesa Lüdeke, Matthias Schischke, Urte Friedrichs.


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