The Lodge at Chaa Creek: The Greatest Green Achievement in Itself

The Lodge at Chaa Creek: The Greatest Green Achievement in Itself
April 2, 2019 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified The Lodge at Chaa Creek with the property receiving a magnificent compliance score of 93%.

Guest Columnist Lucy Fleming with her husband Mick were the original founders of the 140 acre eco-resort which opened in 1981. Guests can also explore picturesque trails that wind through a private 400 acre nature reserve.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a pioneer in establishing sustainable practices and adventure travel in Belize. Lucy outlines the history of Chaa Creek and the importance of Green Globe Certification to the property’s overall vision and development.

Here at Chaa Creek we’re proud to have been Belize’s first Green Globe Certified resort. Since then, we have maintained certification including the attainment of Gold Certification in 2016.

When my husband Mick and I decided to turn our small working farm into an eco-resort back in 1981, we felt strongly that its impact on the rainforest environment we’d come to love would be at least minimal, and at best beneficial. Also, having received so much help and support from our neighbours, we wanted to make sure local communities shared in whatever benefits tourism would bring.

Now, after being blessed with years of growth beyond our dreams, we’re happy to have been able to remain true to that youthful commitment. And Green Globe has played a major role in this.

Certification helped us integrate Green best practices into our day-to-day operations, and to formalise procedures in a way that made them clear, understandable and easy to follow for staff, suppliers and guests. While many organisations have the best intentions, turning those intentions into green practices means planning and documenting a way forward. And once in place, with a Green ethos instilled in staff, sustainability becomes second nature.

Chaa Creek itself has become a model of successful sustainable tourism and we strive to show how Green practices can actually bolster the bottom line and attract today’s more responsible travellers. Sustainability now permeates every aspect of Chaa Creek’s operations and we are proud that it has been embraced by our staff. After almost 40 years since taking our first paying guests, we are internationally recognised as a respected model of Green practices. Our Green reputation, and continually striving towards best Green practices, is our greatest – and ongoing – achievement.

Read more about The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s best practices and conservation efforts here.


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