The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam: Guests Reduce Impacts Via SuitePads

The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam: Guests Reduce Impacts Via SuitePads
May 27, 2020 Bradley Cox

The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam consists of Keizersgracht canal houses with one manicured courtyard nestled at its heart. The hotel is continually recognized for its contemporary-meets-classic design and its dedicated service. Upon arrival guests are welcomed by the warm and inviting ambience and unparalleled personalized service, providing a truly relaxing and enjoyable stay in an elegant setting.

Green Globe recently recertified The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam for the third consecutive year.

The luxury 5-star boutique property has made great efforts to improve its sustainability performance and was awarded a compliance score of 78%, a marked increase on the previous score. Sustainable operational procedures are becoming more a part of daily life as team members become familiar with new technologies and practices. This year colleagues will be encouraged to become more involved in the successful execution of green initiatives and activities.

Guest Room SuitePads

The Dylan has replaced traditional Guest Directories with new I-pads (SuitePads) in every room. All information about the hotel as well as Amsterdam can be found on the SuitePads. The hotel has also placed extensive Green Globe information on the SuitePad and one outstanding feature is that guests can decline housekeeping services by simply clicking the “Green Globe decline service” button. With this feature, guests can actively choose to make less of an impact on the environment during their stay.

New Energy and Wellness Initiatives

This year 75% of lighting has been replaced with LED lighting. The hotel’s overall aim is to reach a benchmark of 80% and higher in coming years as new energy saving measures are introduced. All computers and printers in back offices have also been replaced with Energy Star rated equipment to further minimize energy usage.

To promote wellbeing in the workplace, yoga classes are being offered to staff members which will enhance not only their mental health and vitality but also productivity. In addition, all desks are now adjustable so that the height of the desk can be changed accordingly, or people can work in a standing position, which is a better health alternative for colleagues.

Regional Business Development

The hotel’s designated Green Team plays an integral part in the overall green approach of the property. Each Green Team member representing senior management, engineering, housekeeping, Food & Beverage and Front Office has specialised knowledge of their respective area that streamlines the planning of the property’s purchasing policies and various initiatives. Restaurant kitchens prefer to use local food producers such as ground beef from Hein Heslenfeld in Amstelveen, butter, cheese and eggs from the Linden Garden, Dutch goat cheese from Texel and baked goods from Mama Bakery in Zwanenburg.

The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam values local stores and museums and works with them and uses their products on a daily basis. Small gifts such as French cakes, chocolate cookies, Cacao macarons or Vinnos winegums are delivered with the daily turndown service. While at reception elegant cufflinks and Dylan pins, crafted by renowned Dutch designers, who live in the capital, are displayed for sale.

Environmental Actions

In line with its environmental initiatives, The Dylan supports and sponsors the Ocean Clean Up each month to protect biodiversity. The Ocean Clean Up aims to clean up ocean plastic pollution by developing a passive clean up method that uses the natural oceanic forces to rapidly and cost-effectively remove plastic already in the oceans. They are also working on intercepting plastic pollution in rivers before it reaches the oceans.

To reduce single use plastic waste at the property, refillable water pitchers and glass water bottles are used in place of plastic bottled water in meeting rooms. Complimentary water offered in guest rooms is bottled on location while Earth Water is offered in the restaurant, minibars and the fitness room. 100% of net profits from Earth Water sales is donated to finance water projects.

The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam is now accepting reservations for 1 June 2020 and future dates. Please see