The Dylan Amsterdam Committed to Reduction of Single Use Plastic

The Dylan Amsterdam Committed to Reduction of Single Use Plastic
December 5, 2018 Bradley Cox

The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam consists of Keizersgracht canal houses with a manicured courtyard nestled at its heart. The hotel is recognized for its contemporary-meets-classic design and its dedicated service.

The Dylan Amsterdam received its first Green Globe certification in December 2017. Green Globe recently recertified the Dylan Hotel Amsterdam for the second year.

Over the past year, The Dylan Amsterdam has made multiple operational changes to become a more sustainable organization. Implementing new technology to email guest folios has reduced the use of paper while plastic disposables and straws in the bar have been removed.

René Bornmann, General Manager of The Dylan Amsterdam said, “We’re committed to reducing the output of plastic by removing single use plastics as much as we possibly can from our supply cycle and by also contributing to Ocean Cleanup each month.”

The Dylan is also creatively raising awareness amongst guests regarding the overuse of plastics by displaying the works of Dutch artist Richard Kuiper.

During the 17th century merchants would have their valuable goods immortalized by famous Dutch still life painters to show their high standard of living and prosperity. The painters would capture items like porcelain, glassware, food, exotic animals and shells in lifelike detail.

Richard Kuiper Artwork

This inspires the Dutch photographer Richard Kuiper to produce still life portraits in the same style as the Old Masters from the 17th century. However, if you take a closer look you will find the painting isn’t a painting but a photograph and the objects displayed are not real but plastic items – the tablecloth is a plastic bin liner, oyster shells are composed of melted plastic bags and an elegant goblet from an athlete’s plastic water bottle. His compositions serve as a warning that we have gone overboard with our use of plastics.

Two of Richard Kuiper’s still lifes are displayed in Brasserie OCCO at The Dylan Amsterdam in collaboration with Morren Galleries.


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