The Darmstadtium has been certified by “Reisen Für Alle”

The Darmstadtium has been certified by “Reisen Für Alle”
March 28, 2017 Arton Kabashi

Darmstadt, March 2017 – The congress centre Darmstadt has been inspected and certified as an accessible company in accordance with the “Reisen für Alle” (“Travelling for everyone”) accessibility certificate issued by HA Hessen Agentur GmbH.

Accessible tourism is growing continuously but this rise is also due to demographic developments. Accessibility offers comfort for some as it makes it much easier for them to access places, and for others, it is a necessity as it ensures they are able to access all rooms within a building without having to navigate obstacles.

Reisen für Alle (“Travelling for everyone”) is a nationally accepted accessibility certificate that provides reliable, transparent information for all visitors. As part of the certification process, the necessary information is gathered, evaluated against a clear set of quality criteria and then inspected on-site. Accessible travel options are listed consistently and transparently on a platform. The certification is based on quality criteria for people with limited mobility, a hearing or visual impairment, or cognitive impairments.

Accessibility and providing unrestricted access to all rooms were considered important factors when planning and constructing the darmstadtium. When the small ferrum hall was built in 2014 in accordance with the latest guidelines, accessibility was carefully considered in close collaboration with the “Club Behinderter und ihrer Freunde in Darmstadt und Umgebung e.V.” (CBF – The Darmstadt Club for Disabled People and their Friends). Among other measures, an additional lift was installed to take visitors to the Calla Neo bar and the lounge. In both congress halls – ferrum and spectrum – speakers with limited mobility are able to use a wheelchair lift to access the stage of their own accord.

Opportunities for improvement are continually investigated and undertaken, such as installing sliding doors at the main entrance to improve accessibility and relaunching the website, while taking accessibility and readability into account.

Besides the latest “Reisen für Alle” certificate, the darmstadtium has also been awarded a “senior-friendly company” certificate every year by the Seniorenrat Darmstadt e.V. This certificate aims to promote the development of senior-friendly and accessible solutions, products and services.

Mayor Jochen Partsch welcomes the accessibility certificate issued by “Reisen für Alle”: “The outstanding way in which our sustainability goals are implemented is one of the reasons – if not the most important reason – behind the darmstadtium’s success as a leading conference centre in Germany. This includes constructing the centre in an ecological and energy-efficient manner, as well as it being managed as an economically viable operation. But the third aspect of the sustainability triangle is also key – the social aspect. The darmstadtium is open to all Darmstadt residents, as well as visiting guests. This is widely proven by the fact that many local clubs and initiatives hold their events at the congress centre. However, at the forefront, this means that the venue is accessible in the truest sense of the word – it is certifiably accessible. As a result, the darmstadtium plays an important role in Darmstadt’s culture of inclusion as a city of science.”

The darmstadtium – the best sustainable location to host your event

Covering 18,000 square metres, the darmstadtium is a meeting place for science, business and culture at the heart of the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main metropolis area. Conveniently located in Darmstadt, the city of science, the centre is only a stone’s throw from the city centre’s pedestrian areas.

Offering a range of multifunctional rooms – 21 conference rooms, a lounge for special occasions, the congress hall ferrum for 383 people, as well as the larger congress hall spectrum, which can be divided into two or three and can seat up to 1677 people, all featuring the latest communication and conference equipment – and light-flooded foyer areas for accompanying exhibitions, the darmstadtium is the perfect place to host an event.

The avant-garde architecture allows visitors to experience an entirely new sense of space and is perfectly suited for hosting academic congresses and conferences. The darmstadtium is also the perfect location for company and product presentations, prestigious reception events, cultural events and concerts.