Tazegzout Golf, Hyatt Place and Sol House in Taghazout Bay Recertified by Green Globe

Tazegzout Golf, Hyatt Place and Sol House in Taghazout Bay Recertified by Green Globe
February 26, 2020 Bradley Cox

The Taghazout Bay Resort covers an area of 615 ha in front of a coastal strip of 4.5 km of beaches of exceptional beauty. Blessed with a rich and authentic hinterland, Taghazout Bay blends into the surrounding Argan hills and sand dunes. Developed through an integrated and sustainable approach, the resort consists of world-class hotels, tourist residences and high-end residential areas. Special emphasis is placed on sporting facilities and leisure activities with the development of a beach club, a Medina (retail center) as well as Golf, Tennis and Surf Academies.

Taghazout Bay is managed by Société d’Aménagement et de Promotion de la Station de Tageazout (SAPST). As part of its commitment to sustainability SAPST designed Taghazout Bay under the Azur Plan framework and attained Green Globe certification in 2016.

Green Globe recently recertified Tazegzout Golf, Hyatt Place and Sol House, all located at Taghazout Bay. Green initiatives and measures implemented around the Bay area highlight the distinct character of each individual property.

Tazegzout Golf Taghazout Bay

Located just 15 minutes north of Agadir and in the heart of the Taghazout Bay resort, the  Tazegzout Golf Course, set amidst Argan trees, with the stunning Atlantic Ocean as backdrop, offers the discriminating golfer a number of spectacular holes.

Water conservation is a key priority for the management and team at the 76 hectare golf course. Green spaces are irrigated with treated water provided from a wastewater treatment plant and native plants with low watering needs are also selected. In addition, to promote Moroccan culture and the finest products of the region, a community market is held showcasing local products such as handwoven items and traditionally made crafts. Several charity golf competitions are also sponsored at the golf course throughout the year.

Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay

Nestled along the west coast is Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay, a seaside hotel with ocean and mountain views at every turn.

New insulation measures have been introduced around the property which will decrease running costs. A new cover is being used to shield the entire surface of the heated swimming pool and maximize heat retention. Similarly, straps have been installed on cold room doors to minimize energy loss and maintain refrigeration temperatures. Finally, to reduce energy consumption further, all halogen bulbs in the hotel will gradually be replaced with LED bulbs.

To limit water usage, water saving devices are installed in all guest rooms and public bathrooms. To minimize environmental impacts,  soap remnants from guest rooms are reused in the hotel’s laundry, and leftover shampoo and shower gels are reused for cleaning carpets.

Hyatt Places organizes and sponsors social engagement initiatives that contribute to building stronger relationships between the hotel and the Taghazout Bay community. Projects include local art and craft exhibitions, assisting school students and their families, donations to the children’s hospital and internship programs aimed to support young disabled people.

Sol House Taghazout Bay – Surf

Sol House boasts some of the best surf spots in the world. Sol House has its own recognised surf academy and surf shop, managed by a team of local experienced and qualified surfers.

Sustainable measures focus on minimizing the property’s footprint with electric meters installed to monitor energy consumption at the spa, laundry and pool areas. Wooden pallets are also transformed into useful furniture in accordance with recycling efforts. In the Chef’s vegetable garden, assorted varieties of vegetables and herbs are grown rather than sourcing fresh produce from elsewhere.

Sol House sponsors several sports competitions to promote surfing in the region. In addition, to stimulate economic activity, local argan products from local cooperatives are displayed for sale at the shop. Argan oil, derived from trees native to Morocco, contains natural oils and ingredients that can benefit hair and skin care.


Housna Medaghri Alaoui
Audit and Quality Director
Societe de Amenagement et de
Promotion de la Station Taghazout
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Rabat 80750
P: + 212 05 30 67 58 11
E: housna.alaoui@sapst.ma
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