Swiss Holiday Park Reopens Its Doors

Swiss Holiday Park Reopens Its Doors
May 20, 2020 Bradley Cox

Swiss Holiday Park is situated above Lake Lucerne in idyllic Morschach. The Park, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama, combines vacation and leisure in one location.

Green Globe recently recertified the Swiss Holiday Park in acknowledgement of its sustainable management and operations.

The Park is committed to sustainable best practices carried out at the property. The past year has seen tremendous improvement in water and energy savings. Water is an important resource at this mountain property that aims to make the most of this vital asset. An onsite water bottling plant now provides drinking water for the entire park and has led to the phasing out of branded bottled mineral water. First established in January 2019 the plant initially catered for employees and saved 36,513 liters of bottled water. Later, in April 2019 this was expanded to include guests as well. In restaurants 29,628 bottles of water were saved, in guest rooms 11,520 bottles and in conference rooms 11,200 bottles. In total, over 88, 800 bottles of branded bottled water were replaced with sustainably produced local water.

The Swiss Holiday Park is a carbon neutral operation and utilizes renewable energy. Biomass energy from Agro-Energie Schwyz is produced from biogas and old wood and transferred by a district heating pipeline from a neighbouring municipality to Morschach. With the gradual introduction of district heating over the years, energy consumption in 2017 and 2018 fell significantly in 2019. Hydro electricity is also incorporated in the energy mix.

Located adjacent to the Park is the Fornalp Farm, home to Braunvieh and Jersey cows that produce milk for high quality dairy products consumed and sold at the property. Chickens also peck happily on the alpine grass and provide fresh eggs for guest breakfasts.

The Swiss Holiday Park reopened its doors on May 15, 2020 and is accepting overnight stay bookings. For further information please its website at

Swiss Holiday Park Update
From May 15, 2020, the Swiss Holiday Park will initially reopen the hotel rooms, holiday apartments, water park and shop for overnight guests. The following areas are open to all of our guests: Fronalp adventure courtyard (outdoor area), badminton courts, tennis courts, squash courts, the forest park with Vitaparcours, the detective trail, the tipi village and the playgrounds.