Sustainability Becomes an Ode to Nature at La Grée des Landes, Éco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher

Sustainability Becomes an Ode to Nature at La Grée des Landes, Éco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher
November 18, 2020 Bradley Cox

                                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: ©Emmanuel Berthier

Green Globe recently recertified La Grée des Landes, Éco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher in France for the eighth consecutive year.

La Grée des Landes, Éco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher, which epitomises the Brand’s commitment to ecosystems, was built in the midst of its core element – Nature. First opened in April 2009, the Yves Rocher Éco-Hôtel & Spa is permeated with eco-friendly components and lies nestled amongst schist, trees, plants and bird life.

Jacques Rocher, Founder at La Grée des Landes said ” The Yves Rocher Éco-Hôtel & Spa was originally conceived as a meaningful place! Meaningful since it respects the environment. Indeed, La Grée des Landes was designed to demonstrate that we can develop a place devoted to well-being in a different, more sustainable way as an ode to Nature rather than simply taking without giving back.”

Photo Credit: ©Emmanuel Berthier

Protecting Local Areas and Wildlife

The French Birds Protection League (LPO) has been monitoring the hotel grounds since its creation and regularly takes a census of all fauna and flora. These practices are primarily undertaken so that the Éco-Hôtel can adapt its practices to promote local biodiversity. The Management Plan (SMP) and the alterations introduced from its earliest days, have had a very positive impact on native fauna and flora. In ten years, an increase in the number of species has been observed for almost all the animals. Fox, badgers, rabbits, pipistrelles, tawny owls, larks, frogs and butterflies are just a few of the wildlife species that live here.

Sustainable Surrounds

This haven, awarded Gold Green Globe status and European Ecolabel certification, provides responsible, authentic and natural care, relaxation and fine cuisine. The delivery of high- quality professional services in no way hampers the ecological responsibilities of the Yves Rocher Éco-Hôtel & Spa to keep our environmental footprint to an absolute minimum. Upon arrival at the property, guests first encounter warm and welcoming interiors consisting of walls and floors made from sustainably managed wood from French forests decorated with VOC (volatile organic compounds) free paints.

Energy & Water Conservation Measures

Photo Credit: ©Emmanuel Berthier

To achieve the highest energy saving performance within buildings nothing has been left to chance. The orientation of the building has south-west facing windows so that guests can enjoy the sun throughout the day, green roofs naturally regulate indoor temperatures, and cellular concrete and hemp wool improve the thermal insulation and sound proofing qualities of walls. In addition, wood-fired boilers use renewable wood produced in sustainably managed local forests. Not forgetting, of course, the installation of solar panels on rooftops and the highly energy-efficient lighting used everywhere.

At La Grée des Landes, water also is at the very heart of our concerns, and every effort is made to save it. The water from the relaxation pool is recycled then used in restrooms while water from the Wellness Space swimming pool along with rainwater is used to irrigate plants and flowers. Wastewater is also recycled in the hotel park which is located in woodlands. It flows through a filter basin surrounded with reeds to provide aeration and development of bacteria. Then it is captured within a pond lined with filter plants and cleared of all impurities before flowing into the soil. It should be noted that the low flow shower heads installed in bathrooms also help to halve water consumption!

Affordable Local Organic French Cuisine

“Les Jardins Sauvages ” our gourmet restaurant does not depart from the company’s values either. The specifications and expectations of our Chef are straightforward, detailed and demanding. Chef Fabien Manzoni offers affordable, organic and locally sourced gourmet cuisine. All fresh produce comes directly from Brittany.

Photo Credit: ©Emmanuel Berthier

“Serving up completely organic, locally sourced gourmet food every single day may appear to be a difficult challenge, but for me it is an opportunity to express the dining experience I have always wanted to create – cuisine that is both healthy and ethical, promotes mindfulness and, I hope, helps build a new model of value and integrity for the environment,” said Chef Fabien Manzoni.

At La Grée des Landes, the kitchen garden itself is a link to nature. Every day, our Chef draws his inspiration from this garden and its unique aromas and flavours, using the ingredients it provides to create the restaurant’s gourmet dishes. Because creating seasonal menus is in line with the tempo set by nature, this also means acting whilst at the same time respecting biodiversity.


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