Survey of Caribbean Hotels to Reduce Landfill and Marine Pollution

Survey of Caribbean Hotels to Reduce Landfill and Marine Pollution
February 2, 2021 Bradley Cox

Photo: Barbados Today

On behalf of the EU and CARICOM, Luvent Consulting GmbH is conducting a survey of hotels in the Caribbean region regarding their solid waste management practices and commitments towards sustainability.

In the Caribbean, the production of solid waste, in particular plastic, has been increasing over the years. To combat pollution in the region, Caribbean countries have introduced mitigation measures, established a regional dialogue and drafted a Regional Action Plan. Although these efforts are welcomed, the SDG 12 waste-related indicators are still critical for the vast majority of the countries.

In this context, the EU is funding a Solid Waste Management project in the Caribbean. Its overall purpose is to assist the CARIFORUM and other Caribbean stakeholders in:

– identifying opportunities for policy development

– implementing innovative pilot projects to improve solid waste management systems in selected Caribbean countries.

The outcome of this work will guide the development of targeted national and regional level demonstration actions anticipated to be funded under the 11th EDF Waste Management Regional.

Focusing on the tourism industry is one of the key components of this project. The CARIFORUM ((Caribbean Community) wishes to understand whether the sector would be ready to make a commitment towards more sustainable waste management, and kindly requests from hotels in the region to answer the following survey.

Thank you.


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