SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas Resort & Spa: Focus on Green Activities For Young and Old

SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas Resort & Spa: Focus on Green Activities For Young and Old
November 25, 2015 Bradley Cox

SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa is one of three Green Globe certified hotels in the Bahamas and the only one in Nassau. The resort sits on the powder white sands of the world famous Cable Beach, the island’s best beach.

Green Globe congratulates SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa on its third consecutive re-certification in recognition of its actions and commitment to sustainability practices.

The Super-Inclusive Resort has taken remarkable strides in previous years and plans to further expand its scope of green initiatives in the coming months.

Jeffrey Stubbs, Resort Hotel Manager at Breezes Resort & Spa said, “Looking to the future, the onsite Green Team, which completed its Green Globe training in September, pinpointed key focus areas for 2015–2016 which includes the purchasing of locally harvested fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the establishment of partnerships with local communities to promote sustainability and environmental awareness.”

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, the resort management has encouraged regular visits from local school children to educate them about conservation and sustainability practices at the property. The resort’s vision for the upcoming year will be the promotion of more clean designated green space, cleaner beach environments and managing and repurposing organic waste through activities. These eco-friendly events will include educating primary school kids at their most influential stage of development that can bring long-term and sustained behavioral change.

Queen Conch 2015By adopting a primary school, young children visit SuperClubs Breezes for a day to interact with Green Team members and guests and engage in activities such as Daily Nature Walks. Participation also includes the clean up and preservation of the nearby community beach/park space at Goodman Bay.

SuperClubs Breezes staff are active in community support programs that are run regularly during the year. The Purchasing Team meets with local suppliers and farmers on a weekly basis to purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables that are used to provide meals for The Dean Granger Centre, a Senior Citizens Welfare Home. The resort has also developed a Breezes Junior Soccer league in conjunction with a local primary school to foster youth, sports and social development.

Bahamas Local Made CraftIn addition, SuperClubs Breezes works closely with local artists and guests to support the local Arts community and generate income for artisans. Three artists visited the hotel to promote locally made crafts ranging from woven cushions to jewelry made from conch shells, coconut shells and sea sponges. Guests were thrilled at being able to view a collection of beautifully handcrafted items with some created from Queen conch shell.

Over the past year, Breezes Bahamas’ measurable success grew in two primary areas – energy savings and waste reduction. The resort saved 29 133 kilowatt hours in electrical consumption as compared to the previous year. While liquid pertroleum gas usage dropped by 15 percent and its photocopy paper usage was reduced by 20 percent.



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