Sunset at the Palms: Sustaining Serenity in Negril, Jamaica

Sunset at the Palms: Sustaining Serenity in Negril, Jamaica
May 17, 2017 Bradley Cox

All-Inclusive Jamaican Resort Is Noted for Its Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Sunset at the Palms, an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Negril, Jamaica, is pleased to receive its Green Globe certification. Green Globe is an international organization that challenges tourism entities ranging from hotels and resorts, tour businesses, and convention centers to golf courses and hotel suppliers to uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

Recognized in more than 90 countries around the world, the Green Globe Standard consists of 44 core criteria that are continually reviewed and updated to ensure they reflect the most comprehensive expectations from its members. The criteria are organized into such key themes as sustainable management, social/economic impact, cultural heritage, and the environment. Certification hinges on not only the member in question adhering to Green Globe standards, but also that their entire supply chain of vendors and partners meet specific expectations. As part of the program, members work with independent auditors who confirm that Green Globe standards are continually being achieved. In short, receiving certification is an honor; maintaining certification is a challenge to be the best a business can be.

Sunset at the Palms is unique among all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, choosing to preserve a very natural environment rich with flora and fauna instead of relying on the usual formula of concrete and stucco. Guests regularly comment on the resort’s lush landscaping, which allows them to appreciate such natural wonders as tropical flowers and several species of hummingbird in addition to enjoying the resort’s clean, white sand beach. The resort, its staff and its guests are fully committed to protecting the environment, which is part of what enabled Sunset at the Palms to achieve Green Globe status.

The resort is committed to using safe pesticides and cleaning projects and has switched to naturally derived bath amenities and LED lightbulbs. It also follows specific rules about disposing of refuse. Kitchen refuse is sent to a local pig and goat farmer, for example, to eliminate waste while keeping local livestock fed. In exchange, the farmer provided Sunset at the Palms with a charming new mascot – a young goat named Betty who has joined the grounds keeping crew by tending the resort’s acreage in the most natural and genuine way practiced by generations of Jamaicans.

Though it may begin with respecting and protecting natural resources, Green Globe certification doesn’t end there. Sunset at the Palms is also committed to caring for its community in Negril; hiring local residents for management positions; purchasing local goods and services whenever possible; and incorporating local culture into its entertainment, excursions and culinary offerings.

Sunset at the Palms is the region’s latest addition to the program, but joining the ranks of Green Globe properties means that the resort has come full circle. In a previous incarnation, when Sunset at the Palms was called Negril Cabins – more than 20 years ago – it was the first property in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean to receive Green Globe certification. Today there are just 13 hotels and resorts in Jamaica to bear this distinction.

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Sunset at the Palms, a treehouse-style, adults-only, all-inclusive boutique hotel in Negril, Jamaica, offers a full sensory experience for those who are seeking rest and relaxation. The exotic tropical resort touches the senses with its natural beauty, garden setting, superior food, private beach and guest services. Now in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, Sunset at the Palms has been rated by both and as one of the Top 10 most Romantic Resorts and one of the Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean. The resort is also ranked as Best Boutique Hotel by, a 2017 Top 100 All-Inclusive in’s “Loved by Guests” awards, and a 2016 Best of +VIP Access property by Expedia. The resort recently achieved Green Globe certification, indicating that it upholds the highest standards of sustainable management while supporting the local economy, preserving culture and protecting the environment. This chic and intimate hideaway is perfect for discerning guests seeking the most blissful beach experience in Jamaica. For more information about Sunset at the Palms, visit


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