Sunset at the Palms Basks in Success of First Certification

Sunset at the Palms Basks in Success of First Certification
November 27, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently awarded Sunset at the Palms in Jamaica, its first certification. The resort is located in the town of Negril renowned for its magnificent sandy beaches, coastline lined with 5 miles of 40-foot cliffs and spectacular scenery. The intimate, chic and serene adult-only retreat lies nestled amongst tropical gardens and flowering plants at the edge of the town.

Sunset at the Palms has undertaken many notable practices that pay homage to its natural surroundings. Meticulous attention is taken by guides in the delivery of guest tours around the gardens, the herb and kitchen garden and the offsite organic farm. Mint and other herbs and vegetables grown at the property are used in the bar and kitchens with plans to further cultivate the garden area and increase vegetable production. The resort is committed to using organic produce and working with farmers to expand production into the development of an agri-tourism business.

Comprehensive signage in the gardens also allows local guides to share their wealth of knowledge more easily with guests. The resort supports the training of interns on the premises where personal local expertise is invaluable on bird watching tours and adds to the enjoyment of interactive cooking demonstrations using local ingredients.

Sunset at The Palms donates its kitchen scraps as feed to farms in the community. In return one of the farmers who owns a piggery, gave one of his goats to the property. Betty, with her beau Royal Blue, quickly became stars of the weekly nature tour and it was announced earlier this year that Betty had given birth to two kids.

Other eco-friendly actions at the property include utilizing palm fronds as natural brooms for clearing walkways and the use of Eucalyptus paper as copy paper which is not widely seen in the Caribbean.