Sri Lanka’s Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is an Ethical Operation

Sri Lanka’s Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is an Ethical Operation
May 8, 2013 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe announces certification of the Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa, located on the southern shoreline of Sri Lanka. For years, this retro chic resort has demonstrated commitment to promote sustainable tourism, implementing policies and sound environmental practices that allow an eco-friendly and ethical operation on all levels.

“I wish to thank all, who worked hard to reach this milestone event in the history of Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa, and we are indeed proud to earn the prestigious international Green Globe recognition,” said Sanjeeva Perera, General Manager at the Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa. “We will strive to continuously identify all potential impacts on the environment, and manage such impacts while using our resources in a sustainable and efficient manner.”

A long-term Sustainability Management System is in effect at the Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa, energy and water reduction goals are strictly monitored. Solar panels have been installed for hot water heating, and wherever possible, waste water is being reused after treatment. Eco-friendly products are being purchased where possible, local suppliers adhering to sustainable practices are given preference. Take-back and packaging minimization policies are in place, and all procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to continually improve performance.

Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is closely involved with the local community, enhancing the John Keells leisure sector’s pledge ‘I Will Care’. CSR activities are numerous and range from organizing special ‘Shramadana’ campaigns and lunches for children at ‘Supem Uyana’ disabled children’s home, to annual events such as alms giving to the monks and ‘sil’ observers on ‘Vesak Poya Day’. The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka provides comprehensive development and conflict resolution programs to villages. It is also the largest indigenous organization working in reconstruction from the tsunami in 2004.

In collaboration with Ruhunu University and Nature Trails, Chaaya Tranz is dedicated to the conservation of the surrounding coral reef through a coral re-planting program, which is currently in its pilot phase. In addition, whale conservation programs are in progress, and the external turtle conservation program ‘Turtle Life Preserver’ is fully supported by the resort.

About Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa
The Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is part of John Keells Hotels PLC, which is the hospitality leader in the Sri Lanka and Maldivian sector. Launched in 2011, the resort was designed to reflect the reality of Hikkaduwa as an engaging and transformational seaside holiday. Chaaya Tranz offers an easy going style that could transport the holiday maker into an alternate state of consciousness. The resort features 150 rooms with magnificent views of the azure Indian Ocean. Rooms are composed with mosaics of color, comfort of rattan furniture, and private balconies. The John Keells Nature Trails team offers a variety of wonderful experiences, such as ‘A Journey with Marine Mammals’, ‘The Madu River Quest’, or the ‘Still Water Safari’.

Sanjeeva Perera
General Manager
Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa
Phone: +94 3422 75176-7 or +94 9122 77023

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