Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada Reopens

Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada Reopens
September 27, 2017 Bradley Cox

The multi-award winning Spice Island Beach Resort is located in Grenada on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The resort was unscathed by recent hurricane activity and will soon reopen for business. Accommodation choices range from superb to the spectacular at this property where Sir Royston Hopkin and his family welcome visitors seeking elegant sustainable luxury.

Green Globe recently recertified Spice Island Beach Resort for the fourth consecutive year.

The resort is committed to the implementation of sustainability best practices throughout the property. Spice Island Beach Resort has a comprehensive environmental program that includes energy, water and waste reduction targets. Energy saving measurements include hot water solar heating, energy efficient lighting, the monitoring of air conditioning usage and the installation of timers and photo cell systems on outdoor lights.

The Grounds Department makes considerable efforts to ensure gardening and maintenance produce minimal impact on the environment. Kitchen herb gardens and natural composting areas have also been incorporated into the resort’s design. While garden tours and nature-based activities with guests are conducted to immerse them within the natural environment of Spice Island Beach Resort.

To protect coastal areas, beachfront trees are replanted and containers for garbage disposal are placed along the beach to deter littering. In line with its waste management plan, office paper is reused for internal printing or shredded and donated to community businesses. In addition, used bath soaps are ground up and made into detergent to clean uniforms.

The resort provides staff training programs to educate employees about conservation efforts. Furthermore, an Environmental Officer has also been appointed to oversee sustainability initiatives such as community clean ups.

Spice Island Beach Resort will reopen after a seasonal closure on Friday, the 29th September 2017.


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