Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa: Green Measures Attain High Score

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa: Green Measures Attain High Score
June 24, 2020 Bradley Cox

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa is a unique luxury 5-star resort on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah island. Warm French-Polynesian inspired décor features throughout the property that lies nestled amongst lush greenery on the idyllic shores of the Arabian Gulf.

Green Globe recertified Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa for the sixth year in February, awarding the property a magnificent compliance score of 92%.

The resort has reached many milestones in sustainability over the years including the prestigious Green Globe Gold status which remains a testament of its commitment to sustainability. Here are some of the best practices at Sofitel Dubai The Palm.

Communication Strategy

A well-developed Sustainability Management Plan and Environmental Policy is available on the resort’s website that outlines the property’s environmental initiatives, programs and plans. Sustainability initiatives are communicated to guests via the resort’s website and inhouse guest room directories as well as the What’s New e-newsletter.

Energy & Water Management

Energy, water and waste are monitored and measured on a monthly basis and data used to set targets and future action plans. All guest rooms and meeting rooms feature glass windows to take advantage of natural light. The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) monitors and controls lighting and air conditioning in rooms and shares this information with the Opera Check-in system. The AC thermostats in guest rooms are also connected to a BMS system and Opera. To conserve power, temperatures in vacant rooms are maintained at a slightly higher temperature in the hot climate. The temperature drops to a pleasant 22 degrees when occupied. In addition, when guest room balcony doors are left open, air conditioning units automatically shut down.

To maintain cool interiors and minimize energy consumption, entrance and exit areas are fitted with automatic closing doors. All hot water and cold water, chilled water pipes, A/C ducts etc. are also properly insulated to reduce temperature loss. To minimize water consumption, toilets have dual flush systems while low flow aerators are installed on basin taps. 50% of hot water is currently generated by solar panels.

Sustainability Training

Sofitel Dubai The Palm has a dedicated Green Committee that convenes every month to discuss and monitor the progress of sustainability initiatives and devise action plans. The property provides thorough training to all staff members on all aspects of sustainability covering the environment, culture, health & safety, and implementing a policy against exploitation. Sustainability and Environmental Training begins during the initial induction period and is revisited during regular refresher courses.

Social Initiatives

The property is involved in many CSR initiatives such as tree planting and clean up campaigns as well as the organization of the Enable Fair which offers the opportunity for physically challenged people to sell their wares. Other social activities include blood donation drives, breast cancer awareness campaigns and dental check-ups in the community.

To support regional artisans and businesses, local cultural elements are integrated into the design of hotel including Arabic Majlis, local arts and local architectural design.

Health & Safety Measures

All required safety systems and monitoring procedures in place at the resort. Health & safety measures for guests and residents are communicated through various methods including visual displays, in-room flyers and tent cards as well as through personal encounters with staff members during day to day operations.

Sofitel Dubai the Palm is HACCP certified and has implemented several initiatives to ensure that food purchased is locally sourced, hygienically stored and cooked safely. New hygiene and safety measures have been introduced at the resort in accordance with current practices announced during recent travel restrictions.

Sofitel Dubai The Palm’s Sustainability Management Plan is available on the resort’s website.