Sir Adam: First Green Globe Certification

Sir Adam: First Green Globe Certification
February 19, 2020 Bradley Cox

The one-of-a-kind Sir Adam occupies the first 8 floors of the A’DAM Tower where guest rooms have unparalleled views of the city. As a nod to the surrounding creative community, the hotel’s design incorporates musical details and art throughout.

Green Globe awarded Sir Adam Hotel in North Amsterdam its inaugural certification in November last year.

Building Design and Construction

The hotel building, formerly the old Royal Dutch Shell, was designed in 1966. The construction of the hotel used 5000 tons of recycled concrete from the old Shell tower. Now the tower houses the Sir Adam Hotel and is also home to Sony Music Entertainment, ID&T, MassiveMusic and Gibson as well as the A’DAM Music School. Great eclectic interiors give rooms a nice quirky touch where you can still glimpse what was once an office setting.

To conserve energy, the building features a green roof, triple pane windows and a climate control system which is water based with no reliance on refrigerants and there is no separate air conditioning. Two high-efficiency boilers are in use and the majority of lighting is LED.

Support Local Community Development

The hotel sponsons the A’DAM Music School, a non-profit organization located in the A’DAM Tower that was established in 2015 by music masters Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T), Sander Groet (AIR), Hans Brouwer (MassiveMusic) and Eric-Jan de Rooij (Lingotto). The organization aims to provide music education to both young and old students who cannot afford to learn.

To support regional businesses, the hotel works in collaboration with X BANK to run a shop that promotes locally produced arts, crafts and clothing. X BANK is a boutique, gallery and event space for emerging and established talent in Dutch art, fashion and design. Amsterdam Bracelets are also available to support the Emma Children’s Hospital.

Environmental Initiatives

To support its sustainability vision for the future, the hotel organises various events through its Sir Cares Projects. In May 2019 , during ‘Spring Cleaning Month’ at the property, Sir Cares sponsored the Plastic Whale Foundation to encourage employees to participate in a boat tour through Amsterdam’s canals to collect plastic waste from the canal waters. Other initiatives to reduce environmental impacts include the sale of Marie Stella Maris water at the hotel. Part of the proceeds from each bottle sold is contributed toward clean drinking water projects.

Eco-friendly Transportation

Cycling is actively promoted as a green transportation option to guests and Sir Adam has 12 bikes available. For those seeking a quiet trip – the Front Desk team can explain how to take the ferry to the city with suggestions on cycling routes winding through the less crowded parts of the city. Front Desk staff can also recommend the best walking routes for guests wishing to visit the busy, central CBD area that is much trickier to navigate on a bicycle. E-bikes and boutique e-boats are other options available for hire.