Singanga Buzz – October 2015

Singanga Buzz – October 2015
November 10, 2015 Birte Besocke

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together … all things connect.” – Chief Seattle

Back to School Fun!

Each year, right around the summer holidays, Hamanasi Green Team invites all the school children from Hopkins village and the surrounding communities to come and join us for our annual Back to School Festival! This year over 130 children joined us for an afternoon full of fun team building games, presentations on the importance of our Mangroves by the Pan America Development Fund (PADF) and First Aid skills by PADI dive instructor Martin, they were shown the importance of a healthy, fresh diet by our wonderful Hamanasi cooks Camille and Eliza. We also had a bit more messy fun, with arts and crafts using recycled items such as corks, bottle caps, and empty toilet rolls, with the winner receiving a bag full of art supplies. At the end of the day all of the children helped to make sure that the beach was left as nice as we found it by taking part in a clean-up.

All year long!

Hamanasi continues to support the education of children in our community. We receive many donations of school supplies that are given directly to the children throughout the year. We also receive monetary donations, which Hamanasi matches, before offering it to families in need, to help them pay for schooling expenses.

How can you help?

Pack for a Purpose is a worldwide organization that Hamanasi has partnered with to be able to provide travelers coming to Hopkins with information on what the projects we support are most in need of. Because of them, and the generosity of many people, projects of all sorts all around the world can keep on helping the people that need it most.

Find out more about Pack for a Purpose…


Marine Educators 

Marine Educators

At the start of the new school year in September, Hopkins RC School students saw the new addition of their very own Environmental Club. Every Wednesday afternoon, the students spend their time learning about different aspects of the biology of the environment that is all around them, and taking part in interactive team activities.

This month, as part of their marine section, Hamanasi dive staff John and C-Dog went along to teach the children all about coral reefs, including what coral is, why the reef is important and what they can do to help protect all of the plants and animals that call it home. The students were super excited and all so interested in learning about the sea that is right on their doorstep. Everything was made even more exciting with a weekend trip snorkelling out at Tabacco Caye where they got to see the marine ecosystem of the Meso-American Barrier Reef at work

Meet our Team 

Meet Our Team

Our guests are a big part of our family, and each week our family grows. Many guests return to visit us year after year, and conversations carry on like they were never gone.

Our wonderful team is made up of so many exceptional individuals and we want to introduce just some of them to you.

This mornth we would like you to meet Kenneth. Kenneth, or John as some people know him, has been working at Hamanasi as a part of our bar and restaurant staff for 5 years. He can always be found sharing a good conversation with guests while he whisks up a new cocktail concoction for them.

Originally from San Ignacio in the Cayo district of Belize, Kenneth has a passion for travel and often does just that in his free time. That is, of course when he is not simply enjoying some time with his gorgeous son and step-daughter.

As like any bartender, Kenneth is always ready to offer a recommendation if you cannot quite decide for form of hydration you would like. His favourite drink is his ‘King Kong’ because, he says, it is just a deliciously perfect dessert cocktail!

The Mestizo Culture in Belize


The history of the Mestizo culture is a story that is steeped in romance. Some say that it owes its origins to the shipwrecked Spanish sailor Gonzalo Guerrero who came to the the shores of Central America after Columbus’s discovery of the New World. Initially captured and enslaved by the Maya, they were quickly impressed by his military prowess, and Guerrero is said to have became a political and military advisor to Nachancan, the ruler of Old Chetumal, now known as Santa Rita in Corozal. Marrying Nachancan’s daughter, Zazil Ha, Guerrero settled in the Yucatan and the children they had became known as the first Mestizo, a mix of Spanish and Maya heritage. All was fine until the Spanish conquistadors, led by Cortes, arrived in 1519 with plans to attack the Yucatan. When Cortes offered Guerrero a position fighting for Spain, he promptly declined, proudly supporting his new home and family against the attack.

Modern Day

The supression by Spain lasted for nearly 300 years and eventually many Mestizo fled to Belize from the Yucatan from La Guerra de Castas (the caste wars) in the mid 1800’s, one of the most violent conflicts of the period. More recently, in the 1980’s, Mestizo from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have established communities within Belize. Today, nearly 500 years later, the Mestizo culture accounts for almost 50% of Belize’s population and still displays a beautiful blend of Spanish and Maya customs, from the food and the language, to their Roman Catholic faith.