Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Innovations Sustain Thai Nature and Culture

Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Innovations Sustain Thai Nature and Culture
May 12, 2016 Bradley Cox

Tradition, nature and modernity intersect at the Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa in Thailand. Guests can relax amongst tropical landscaped gardens, lagoon shaped pools and beachside restaurants. Outdoor activities range from kite surfing and golf to horseback riding. And visitors can wonder at summer palaces frequented by Thai Royalty, seaside villages and nearby Khao Takiab (Chopsticks Mountain), renowned for its resplendent 20 meter high statue of Buddha set on rocky headland facing the sea.

Green Globe congratulates Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa on its recent recertification and notable compliance score of 87%.

Mr.Sitthirat Hothongkam, Hotel Manager at the resort said, “We are committed to the preservation of the environment and will keep implementing new innovations to sustain our organization and the community.”

Hua HIn SmlSheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa follows environmental practices that adhere to ecological and sustainable standards. The resort continuously strives to adopt new systems and technologies that assist in environmental conservation. Energy and water saving measurements include the installation of a heat pump system, a mechanism that shuts down the air conditioning when a balcony door is opened and the reverse osmosis water treatment.

In 2015, all light bulbs on the resort premises were replaced with LEDs while sensors and timers were installed in certain areas resulting in significant savings in overall electricity expenditure. In guest rooms alone, electricity consumption will be reduced by 30,958 kw/year with the use of LED bulbs.

Water-saving practices have been implemented throughout the resort to minimize fresh water consumption. In addition, a policy is in place to treat water discharge from the resort that safeguards external water sources from pollution. This includes a wastewater treatment plant that uses a micro filtration system and reverse osmosis system. The aim is to reduce water consumption by approximately 18,250 – 21,900 cubic meters/year.

Effective communications strategies are consistently carried out at the hotel. Staff are educated about various green initiatives and messages that raise environmental awareness such as the Reduce, Reuse and Recycling program are placed in all staff areas. The property also promotes a reduction in the use of CFCs and other harmful chemicals that have a detrimental impact on the environment and hopes it will lead to CFC usage being phased out.Sheraton Hua Hin Globe

The resort’s Green Team hold monthly green meetings to discuss, analyze and find solutions to the property’s environmental impact. The Team examines water and energy saving strategies and waste management issues that require attention specifically in relation to Green Globe criteria. Improvements in the monitoring of greenhouse emissions, health and safety practices and planned social activities including those that benefit the community are also examined.

Social activities organized by the Green Team and resort are wide ranging, from charity runs for The Education for Development Foundation Thailand to organizing a scholarship program for special needs students at Petchaburi Panyanukul School.

The preservation of Thai culture is also of great importance with hotel staff donning traditional Thai costume during New Year’s Day, Loy Kratong Day and on other days celebrated nationally. As unofficial Thai ambassadors at New Year festivities, staff encourage guests to join in traditions such as paying respect to Buddha and the elderly during a water pouring ceremony. Guests are also invited to join in dances performed during shows that highlight Thai arts and culture. These fun activities showcase the warm, graceful and gentle nature of the Thai people.

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