Sea Life Protected at Atmosphere Hotel & Resorts in Maldives

Sea Life Protected at Atmosphere Hotel & Resorts in Maldives
March 11, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently awarded OBLU Helengeli, OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo and and OBLU Select at Sangeli with their inaugural certifications.

Green Teams at each Atmosphere Hotel & Resorts property have been integral in devising strategies that highlight the Group’s sustainability vision for the future.

As an introduction to sustainability best practices, all staff members at the resorts receive training in reducing water and energy consumption. Furthermore, in efforts to eliminate single use plastics, paper straws are in use and guests are encouraged to drink water that has been desalinated, filtered and bottled at Atmosphere premises and offered in reusable glass bottles.

Various green initiatives have already commenced in line with sustainability action plans at individual properties.

OZEN by Atmosphere

OZEN by Atmosphere is comprised of luxurious villas tucked into exotic island vegetation and stunning over-water villas stretched across the beautiful turquoise lagoon of Maadhoo Island.

Ecological initiatives are in the spotlight at OZEN. Staff have been actively working on a coral propagation project to increase the number of marine species that inhabit waters around the resort. Testing has been trialed on an underwater frame which is presently working well, and more structures are being added around the resort’s one-of-a-kind underwater restaurant. In addition, the resort’s renowned Dive Center has won a Padi Green Star Award for its commitment to protecting the environment.

The Green Book, produced by Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, contains information about the history, local culture and tradition of the Maldives. There is also detailed information about native flora and fauna, and recommendations on ways guests can help reduce water and energy consumption. The e-book is available for all guests to enjoy and displayed on inhouse TV channels in every room.

OBLU Select at Sangeli

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli is situated amidst some of the most exotic dive and snorkeling locations in the entire Male’ Atoll. It is no wonder then that marine conservation is also a priority at this resort. A coral restoration project, with regular monitoring conducted by an in-house marine biologist, is an ongoing initiative that aims to protect and regenerate the biodiversity of coral reef ecosystems.

The resort’s 5-star TGI PADI dive centre also runs diving courses at the outer reefs and the inner lagoon which lies at the center of both islands and chain of overwater villas. The lagoon is home to a variety of small reef-fish species.

Starting from last month in February 2020, the Green Book is now displayed on all guest villa’s IPTV and offers in-depth descriptions of endemic marine life.

OBLU Helengeli

Helengeli Island, North Male’ Atoll is renowned for its exotic house reef, with its resident silver-tipped sharks, lobsters and giant sea turtles. Island properties are relatively isolated and must have procedures in place to allow them to operate independently. In line with its sustainable management plan, the resort follows a Preventative Maintenance Schedule that ensures faulty equipment is repaired or replaced in a timely fashion to avoid overuse of resources and expensive running costs.

Management also take into consideration the wellbeing of both guests and staff alike. To ensure high standards of health and safety are maintained, potable water consumed by guests is subject to regular testing conducted by an accredited scientific laboratory. Treated water from the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is also managed in a non-polluting way to protect the health of visiting guests and staff as well as the fragile surrounding eco-systems.

About Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts:
Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is a dynamic and fast-growing Indian Ocean Hotels & Resorts group currently based in the Maldives. Atmosphere’s first property, Atmosphere Kanifushi, opened its doors in December 2013. The group opened its second property, OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli, in November 2015; followed by their flagship Lifestyle Luxury sub-brand, OZEN by Atmosphere, in July 2016; and then OBLU Select at Sangeli, which opened in July 2018. The newest addition to the portfolio, VARU by Atmosphere, opened in October 2019.

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts offers guest-centric resort experiences through unique Resort Plans, offering guests a range of all-encompassing experiences, with varieties of dining options as well as a number of complimentary amenities and activities that ensure a relaxed, hassle-free holiday experience at each resort, all while staying true to the brand’s core philosophy: ‘The Joy of Giving’.

Up-to-date information and impressions about Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts can also be found on the corresponding Facebook pages: AKM / OBLU / OZEN / OBLU Select / VARU by Atmosphere

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